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1# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
2# contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
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5# (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
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10# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
11# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
12# WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
13# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
14# limitations under the License.
16asyncChannelGroup.createFail=Unable to create dedicated AsynchronousChannelGroup for WebSocket clients which is required to prevent memory leaks in complex class loader environments like JavaEE containers
18asyncChannelWrapperSecure.closeFail=Failed to close channel cleanly
19asyncChannelWrapperSecure.check.notOk=TLS handshake returned an unexpected status [{0}]
20asyncChannelWrapperSecure.check.unwrap=Bytes were written to the output during a read
21asyncChannelWrapperSecure.check.wrap=Bytes were consumed from the input during a write
22asyncChannelWrapperSecure.concurrentRead=Concurrent read operations are not permitted
23asyncChannelWrapperSecure.concurrentWrite=Concurrent write operations are not permitted
24asyncChannelWrapperSecure.eof=Unexpected end of stream
25asyncChannelWrapperSecure.notHandshaking=Unexpected state [NOT_HANDSHAKING] during TLS handshake
26asyncChannelWrapperSecure.readOverflow=Buffer overflow. [{0}] bytes to write into a [{1}] byte buffer that already contained [{2}] bytes.
27asyncChannelWrapperSecure.statusUnwrap=Unexpected Status of SSLEngineResult after an unwrap() operation
28asyncChannelWrapperSecure.statusWrap=Unexpected Status of SSLEngineResult after a wrap() operation
29asyncChannelWrapperSecure.tooBig=The result [{0}] is too big to be expressed as an Integer
30asyncChannelWrapperSecure.wrongStateRead=Flag that indicates a read is in progress was found to be false (it should have been true) when trying to complete a read operation
31asyncChannelWrapperSecure.wrongStateWrite=Flag that indicates a write is in progress was found to be false (it should have been true) when trying to complete a write operation
33backgroundProcessManager.processFailed=A background process failed
35caseInsensitiveKeyMap.nullKey=Null keys are not permitted
37futureToSendHandler.timeout=Operation timed out after waiting [{0}] [{1}] to complete
39perMessageDeflate.deflateFailed=Failed to decompress a compressed WebSocket frame
40perMessageDeflate.duplicateParameter=Duplicate definition of the [{0}] extension parameter
41perMessageDeflate.invalidWindowSize=An invalid windows of [{1}] size was specified for [{0}]. Valid values are whole numbers from 8 to 15 inclusive.
42perMessageDeflate.unknownParameter=An unknown extension parameter [{0}] was defined
44transformerFactory.unsupportedExtension=The extension [{0}] is not supported
46util.notToken=An illegal extension parameter was specified with name [{0}] and value [{1}]
47util.invalidMessageHandler=The message handler provided does not have an onMessage(Object) method
48util.invalidType=Unable to coerce value [{0}] to type [{1}]. That type is not supported.
49util.unknownDecoderType=The Decoder type [{0}] is not recognized
51# Note the wsFrame.* messages are used as close reasons in WebSocket control
52# frames and therefore must be 123 bytes (not characters) or less in length.
53# Messages are encoded using UTF-8 where a single character may be encoded in
54# as many as 4 bytes.
55wsFrame.alreadyResumed=Message receiving has already been resumed.
56wsFrame.alreadySuspended=Message receiving has already been suspended.
57wsFrame.bufferTooSmall=No async message support and buffer too small. Buffer size: [{0}], Message size: [{1}]
58wsFrame.byteToLongFail=Too many bytes ([{0}]) were provided to be converted into a long
59wsFrame.closed=New frame received after a close control frame
60wsFrame.controlFragmented=A fragmented control frame was received but control frames may not be fragmented
61wsFrame.controlPayloadTooBig=A control frame was sent with a payload of size [{0}] which is larger than the maximum permitted of 125 bytes
62wsFrame.controlNoFin=A control frame was sent that did not have the fin bit set. Control frames are not permitted to use continuation frames.
63wsFrame.illegalReadState=Unexpected read state [{0}]
64wsFrame.invalidOpCode= A WebSocket frame was sent with an unrecognised opCode of [{0}]
65wsFrame.invalidUtf8=A WebSocket text frame was received that could not be decoded to UTF-8 because it contained invalid byte sequences
66wsFrame.invalidUtf8Close=A WebSocket close frame was received with a close reason that contained invalid UTF-8 byte sequences
67wsFrame.ioeTriggeredClose=An unrecoverable IOException occurred so the connection was closed
68wsFrame.messageTooBig=The message was [{0}] bytes long but the MessageHandler has a limit of [{1}] bytes
69wsFrame.noContinuation=A new message was started when a continuation frame was expected
70wsFrame.notMasked=The client frame was not masked but all client frames must be masked
71wsFrame.oneByteCloseCode=The client sent a close frame with a single byte payload which is not valid
72wsFrame.partialHeaderComplete=WebSocket frame received. fin [{0}], rsv [{1}], OpCode [{2}], payload length [{3}]
73wsFrame.sessionClosed=The client data cannot be processed because the session has already been closed
74wsFrame.suspendRequested=Suspend of the message receiving has already been requested.
75wsFrame.textMessageTooBig=The decoded text message was too big for the output buffer and the endpoint does not support partial messages
76wsFrame.wrongRsv=The client frame set the reserved bits to [{0}] for a message with opCode [{1}] which was not supported by this endpoint
78wsFrameClient.ioe=Failure while reading data sent by server
80wsHandshakeRequest.invalidUri=The string [{0}] cannot be used to construct a valid URI
81wsHandshakeRequest.unknownScheme=The scheme [{0}] in the request is not recognised
83wsRemoteEndpoint.acquireTimeout=The current message was not fully sent within the specified timeout
84wsRemoteEndpoint.closed=Message will not be sent because the WebSocket session has been closed
85wsRemoteEndpoint.closedDuringMessage=The remainder of the message will not be sent because the WebSocket session has been closed
86wsRemoteEndpoint.closedOutputStream=This method may not be called as the OutputStream has been closed
87wsRemoteEndpoint.closedWriter=This method may not be called as the Writer has been closed
88wsRemoteEndpoint.changeType=When sending a fragmented message, all fragments must be of the same type
89wsRemoteEndpoint.concurrentMessageSend=Messages may not be sent concurrently even when using the asynchronous send messages. The client must wait for the previous message to complete before sending the next.
90wsRemoteEndpoint.flushOnCloseFailed=Batched messages still enabled after session has been closed. Unable to flush remaining batched message.
91wsRemoteEndpoint.invalidEncoder=The specified encoder of type [{0}] could not be instantiated
92wsRemoteEndpoint.noEncoder=No encoder specified for object of class [{0}]
93wsRemoteEndpoint.nullData=Invalid null data argument
94wsRemoteEndpoint.nullHandler=Invalid null handler argument
95wsRemoteEndpoint.sendInterrupt=The current thread was interrupted while waiting for a blocking send to complete
96wsRemoteEndpoint.tooMuchData=Ping or pong may not send more than 125 bytes
97wsRemoteEndpoint.wrongState=The remote endpoint was in state [{0}] which is an invalid state for called method
99# Note the following message is used as a close reason in a WebSocket control
100# frame and therefore must be 123 bytes (not characters) or less in length.
101# Messages are encoded using UTF-8 where a single character may be encoded in
102# as many as 4 bytes.
103wsSession.timeout=The WebSocket session [{0}] timeout expired
105wsSession.closed=The WebSocket session [{0}] has been closed and no method (apart from close()) may be called on a closed session
106wsSession.created=Created WebSocket session [{0}]
107wsSession.doClose=Closing WebSocket session [{1}]
108wsSession.duplicateHandlerBinary=A binary message handler has already been configured
109wsSession.duplicateHandlerPong=A pong message handler has already been configured
110wsSession.duplicateHandlerText=A text message handler has already been configured
111wsSession.invalidHandlerTypePong=A pong message handler must implement MessageHandler.Whole
112wsSession.flushFailOnClose=Failed to flush batched messages on session close
113wsSession.messageFailed=Unable to write the complete message as the WebSocket connection has been closed
114wsSession.sendCloseFail=Failed to send close message for session [{0}] to remote endpoint
115wsSession.removeHandlerFailed=Unable to remove the handler [{0}] as it was not registered with this session
116wsSession.unknownHandler=Unable to add the message handler [{0}] as it was for the unrecognised type [{1}]
117wsSession.unknownHandlerType=Unable to add the message handler [{0}] as it was wrapped as the unrecognised type [{1}]
118wsSession.instanceNew=Endpoint instance registration failed
119wsSession.instanceDestroy=Endpoint instance unregistration failed
121# Note the following message is used as a close reason in a WebSocket control
122# frame and therefore must be 123 bytes (not characters) or less in length.
123# Messages are encoded using UTF-8 where a single character may be encoded in
124# as many as 4 bytes.
125wsWebSocketContainer.shutdown=The web application is stopping
127wsWebSocketContainer.defaultConfiguratorFail=Failed to create the default configurator
128wsWebSocketContainer.endpointCreateFail=Failed to create a local endpoint of type [{0}]
129wsWebSocketContainer.maxBuffer=This implementation limits the maximum size of a buffer to Integer.MAX_VALUE
130wsWebSocketContainer.missingAnnotation=Cannot use POJO class [{0}] as it is not annotated with @ClientEndpoint
131wsWebSocketContainer.sessionCloseFail=Session with ID [{0}] did not close cleanly
133wsWebSocketContainer.asynchronousSocketChannelFail=Unable to open a connection to the server
134wsWebSocketContainer.httpRequestFailed=The HTTP request to initiate the WebSocket connection failed
135wsWebSocketContainer.invalidExtensionParameters=The server responded with extension parameters the client is unable to support
136wsWebSocketContainer.invalidHeader=Unable to parse HTTP header as no colon is present to delimit header name and header value in [{0}]. The header has been skipped.
137wsWebSocketContainer.invalidStatus=The HTTP response from the server [{0}] did not permit the HTTP upgrade to WebSocket
138wsWebSocketContainer.invalidSubProtocol=The WebSocket server returned multiple values for the Sec-WebSocket-Protocol header
139wsWebSocketContainer.pathNoHost=No host was specified in URI
140wsWebSocketContainer.pathWrongScheme=The scheme [{0}] is not supported. The supported schemes are ws and wss
141wsWebSocketContainer.proxyConnectFail=Failed to connect to the configured Proxy [{0}]. The HTTP response code was [{1}]
142wsWebSocketContainer.sslEngineFail=Unable to create SSLEngine to support SSL/TLS connections
143wsWebSocketContainer.missingLocationHeader=Failed to handle HTTP response code [{0}]. Missing Location header in response
144wsWebSocketContainer.redirectThreshold=Cyclic Location header [{0}] detected / reached max number of redirects [{1}] of max [{2}]
145wsWebSocketContainer.unsupportedAuthScheme=Failed to handle HTTP response code [{0}]. Unsupported Authentication scheme [{1}] returned in response
146wsWebSocketContainer.failedAuthentication=Failed to handle HTTP response code [{0}]. Authentication header was not accepted by server.
147wsWebSocketContainer.missingWWWAuthenticateHeader=Failed to handle HTTP response code [{0}]. Missing WWW-Authenticate header in response