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H A DCHANGES24 *) Change: remove Unix domain listen sockets upon reconfiguration.
128 *) Feature: support for abstract Unix sockets.
130 *) Feature: support for Unix sockets in address matching.
H A Dconfigure124 . auto/sockets
H A Doptions102 --no-unix-sockets) NXT_UNIX_DOMAIN=NO ;;
H A Dhelp47 --no-unix-sockets disable Unix domain sockets support
H A Dsummary29 Unix domain sockets support: $NXT_UNIX_DOMAIN
H A Dnxt_router.c183 nxt_router_engine_conf_t *recf, nxt_queue_t *sockets,
188 nxt_router_engine_conf_t *recf, nxt_queue_t *sockets);
369 nxt_queue_init(&router->sockets); in nxt_router_start()
1381 nxt_queue_add(&router->sockets, &keeping_sockets); in nxt_router_conf_error()
2149 nxt_queue_init(&router->sockets); in nxt_router_conf_create()
2767 for (qlk = nxt_queue_first(&router->sockets); in nxt_router_listen_socket_find()
2768 qlk != nxt_queue_tail(&router->sockets); in nxt_router_listen_socket_find()
3345 for (qlk = nxt_queue_first(sockets); in nxt_router_engine_joints_create()
3346 qlk != nxt_queue_tail(sockets); in nxt_router_engine_joints_create()
3423 for (qlk = nxt_queue_first(sockets); in nxt_router_engine_joints_delete()
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H A Dnxt_router.h34 nxt_queue_t sockets; /* of nxt_socket_conf_t */ member
H A DREADME.md79 | `http://…`*URI* | For remote TCP control sockets, the URI may include the protocol, hostname, and…