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H A DCHANGES206 *) Bugfix: established WebSocket connections could stop reading frames
954 *) Bugfix: in reading client request body; the bug had appeared in 0.3.
H A DLocalStrings.properties78 wsFrameClient.ioe=Failure while reading data sent by server
H A DAsyncChannelWrapperSecure.java65 private AtomicBoolean reading = new AtomicBoolean(false); field in AsyncChannelWrapperSecure
81 if (!reading.compareAndSet(false, true)) { in read()
100 if (!reading.compareAndSet(false, true)) { in read()
303 if (reading.compareAndSet(true, false)) { in run()
330 if (reading.compareAndSet(true, false)) { in run()
338 reading.set(false); in run()