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H A DWsRemoteEndpointImplBase.java541 Encoder encoder = findEncoder(obj); in sendObject() local
553 if (encoder instanceof Encoder.Text) { in sendObject()
560 } else if (encoder instanceof Encoder.Binary) { in sendObject()
596 Encoder encoder = findEncoder(obj); in sendObjectByCompletion() local
609 if (encoder instanceof Encoder.Text) { in sendObjectByCompletion()
750 private final CharsetEncoder encoder; field in WsRemoteEndpointImplBase.TextMessageSendHandler
756 boolean isLast, CharsetEncoder encoder, in TextMessageSendHandler() argument
761 this.encoder = encoder.reset(); in TextMessageSendHandler()
1099 private final Encoder encoder; field in WsRemoteEndpointImplBase.EncoderEntry
1103 this.encoder = encoder; in EncoderEntry()
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H A DLocalStrings.properties91 wsRemoteEndpoint.invalidEncoder=The specified encoder of type [{0}] could not be instantiated
92 wsRemoteEndpoint.noEncoder=No encoder specified for object of class [{0}]
H A DUtil.java180 static Class<?> getEncoderType(Class<? extends Encoder> encoder) { in getEncoderType() argument
181 return Util.getGenericType(Encoder.class, encoder).getClazz(); in getEncoderType()
H A DWsServerContainer.java409 for (Class<? extends Encoder> encoder : encoders) { in validateEncoders()
415 encoder.getConstructor().newInstance(); in validateEncoders()
418 "serverContainer.encoderFail", encoder.getName()), e); in validateEncoders()
H A DLocalStrings.properties19 serverContainer.encoderFail=Unable to create encoder of type [{0}]