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H A Dnxt_wasm.h71 uint32_t tls; member
H A Dnxt_router.c1180 nxt_router_tlssock_t *tls; in nxt_router_conf_apply() local
2178 nxt_router_tlssock_t *tls; in nxt_router_conf_tls_insert() local
2959 nxt_router_tlssock_t *tls; in nxt_router_tls_rpc_handler() local
H A Dnxt_http.h199 uint8_t tls; /* 1 bit */ member
H A Dnxt_h1proto.c314 nxt_tls_conf_t *tls; in nxt_http_conn_test() local
H A Dnxt_runtime.h32 const nxt_tls_lib_t *tls; member
H A Dnxt_router.h74 nxt_queue_t tls; /* of nxt_router_tlssock_t */ member
214 nxt_tls_conf_t *tls; member
H A Dnxt_openssl.c743 nxt_openssl_conn_t *tls; local
1037 nxt_openssl_conn_t *tls; local
1166 nxt_openssl_conn_t *tls; local
1223 nxt_openssl_conn_t *tls; local
1246 nxt_openssl_conn_t *tls; local
1338 nxt_openssl_conn_t *tls; local
1390 nxt_openssl_conn_t *tls; local
1431 nxt_openssl_conn_t *tls; local
1548 nxt_openssl_conn_t *tls; local
H A Dnxt_unit_request.h23 uint8_t tls; member
H A Dnxt_conn.h144 void *tls; member
H A Dnxt_sendbuf.h40 void *tls; member
H A Dnxt_listen_socket.h27 uint8_t tls; /* 1 bit */ member