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H A Dnxt_rbtree_test.c20 static int nxt_cdecl nxt_rbtree_test_sort_cmp(const void *one, const void *two);
175 nxt_rbtree_test_sort_cmp(const void *one, const void *two) in nxt_rbtree_test_sort_cmp() argument
180 second = two; in nxt_rbtree_test_sort_cmp()
H A Dnxt_rbtree1_test.c50 const void *two);
206 nxt_rbtree1_test_sort_cmp(const void *one, const void *two) in nxt_rbtree1_test_sort_cmp() argument
211 second = two; in nxt_rbtree1_test_sort_cmp()
H A Dnxt_http_route.c176 static int nxt_http_pattern_compare(const void *one, const void *two);
177 static int nxt_http_addr_pattern_compare(const void *one, const void *two);
918 nxt_http_pattern_compare(const void *one, const void *two) in nxt_http_pattern_compare() argument
928 value = (nxt_conf_value_t *) two; in nxt_http_pattern_compare()
937 nxt_http_addr_pattern_compare(const void *one, const void *two) in nxt_http_addr_pattern_compare() argument
942 p2 = two; in nxt_http_addr_pattern_compare()
H A DREADME.md8 two primary capabilities:
H A DCHANGES917 *) Bugfix: a segmentation fault might have occurred when there were two
H A Dsetup-unit247 The last form is less secure than the first two; have a look:
H A Dunit-openapi.yaml5852 description: "URI scheme. Accepts only two patterns,