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H A Dnxt_thread_mutex.c88 nxt_thread_log_alert("pthread_mutexattr_init() failed %E", err); in nxt_thread_mutex_create()
94 nxt_thread_log_alert("pthread_mutexattr_settype" in nxt_thread_mutex_create()
101 nxt_thread_log_alert("pthread_mutex_init() failed %E", err); in nxt_thread_mutex_create()
107 nxt_thread_log_alert("pthread_mutexattr_destroy() failed %E", err); in nxt_thread_mutex_create()
123 nxt_thread_log_alert("pthread_mutex_destroy() failed %E", err); in nxt_thread_mutex_destroy()
142 nxt_thread_log_alert("pthread_mutex_lock() failed %E", err); in nxt_thread_mutex_lock()
166 nxt_thread_log_alert("pthread_mutex_trylock() failed %E", err); in nxt_thread_mutex_trylock()
H A Dnxt_file.c122 nxt_thread_log_alert("pwrite(%FD, \"%FN\", %p, %uz, %O) failed %E", in nxt_file_write()
150 nxt_thread_log_alert("pread(%FD, \"%FN\", %p, %uz, %O) failed %E", in nxt_file_read()
292 nxt_thread_log_alert("fstat(%FD, \"%FN\") failed %E", in nxt_file_info()
340 nxt_thread_log_alert("rename(\"%FN\", \"%FN\") failed %E", in nxt_file_rename()
460 nxt_thread_log_alert("write(%FD) failed %E", fd, err); in nxt_fd_write()
485 nxt_thread_log_alert("read(%FD) failed %E", fd, err); in nxt_fd_read()
551 nxt_thread_log_alert("dup2(%FD, %FD, \"%FN\") failed %E", in nxt_file_redirect()
557 nxt_thread_log_alert("close(%FD, \"%FN\") failed %E", in nxt_file_redirect()
578 nxt_thread_log_alert("dup2(%FD, %FD, \"%FN\") failed %E", in nxt_file_stdout()
597 nxt_thread_log_alert("dup2(%FD, %FD, \"%FN\") failed %E", in nxt_file_stderr()
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H A Dnxt_dyld.c27 nxt_thread_log_alert("dlopen(\"%s\") failed: %s", dyld->name, err); in nxt_dyld_load()
61 nxt_thread_log_alert("dlsym(\"%s\", \"%s\") failed: %s", name, symbol, err); in nxt_dyld_symbol()
83 nxt_thread_log_alert("dlclose(\"%s\") failed: %s", dyld->name, err); in nxt_dyld_unload()
H A Dnxt_thread_cond.c21 nxt_thread_log_alert("pthread_cond_init() failed %E", err); in nxt_thread_cond_create()
33 nxt_thread_log_alert("pthread_cond_destroy() failed %E", err); in nxt_thread_cond_destroy()
51 nxt_thread_log_alert("pthread_cond_signal() failed %E", err); in nxt_thread_cond_signal()
H A Dnxt_mem_map.c23 nxt_thread_log_alert("mmap(%p, %uz, %ui, %ui, %FD, %O) failed %E", in nxt_mem_mmap()
38 nxt_thread_log_alert("munmap(%p, %uz) failed %E", addr, len, nxt_errno); in nxt_mem_munmap()
H A Dnxt_semaphore.c42 nxt_thread_log_alert("sem_init(%p) failed %E", sem, nxt_errno); in nxt_sem_init()
55 nxt_thread_log_alert("sem_destroy(%p) failed %E", sem, nxt_errno); in nxt_sem_destroy()
68 nxt_thread_log_alert("sem_post(%p) failed %E", sem, nxt_errno); in nxt_sem_post()
H A Dnxt_service.c110 nxt_thread_log_alert("service \"%s:%s\" is duplicate", in nxt_service_add()
161 nxt_thread_log_alert("service \"%s%s%s\" not found", in nxt_service_get()
H A Dnxt_thread_log.h11 #define nxt_thread_log_alert(...) \ macro
H A Dnxt_pcre2.c118 nxt_thread_log_alert("pcre2_general_context_create() failed"); in nxt_regex_match_create()
124 nxt_thread_log_alert("pcre2_match_data_create(%uz) failed", size); in nxt_regex_match_create()
H A Dnxt_pcre.c87 nxt_thread_log_alert("pcre_malloc(%uz) called without memory pool", in nxt_pcre_malloc()
H A Dnxt_malloc.c220 nxt_thread_log_alert("nxt_memalign(%uz, %uz) failed %E", in nxt_memalign()
H A Dnxt_log.h121 nxt_thread_log_alert("%s:%d assertion failed: %s", \
H A Dnxt_thread.c93 nxt_thread_log_alert("pthread_create() failed %E", err); in nxt_thread_create()
H A Dnxt_mem_zone.c167 nxt_thread_log_alert("mem zone page size must be a power of 2"); in nxt_mem_zone_init()
249 nxt_thread_log_alert("mem zone size is too small: %uz", zone_size); in nxt_mem_zone_pages()
816 nxt_thread_log_alert("nxt_mem_zone_free(%p): %s", p, err); in nxt_mem_zone_free()
H A Dnxt_conn_proxy.c469 nxt_thread_log_alert("event conn proxy write: second buffer end:%p " in nxt_conn_proxy_write_add()
671 nxt_thread_log_alert("event conn proxy read: second buffer end:%p " in nxt_conn_proxy_read_add()
H A Dnxt_openssl.c748 nxt_thread_log_alert("SSL_get_ex_data() failed");
1043 nxt_thread_log_alert("SSL_get_ex_data() failed");
H A Dnxt_mp.c828 nxt_thread_log_alert(err, p); in nxt_mp_free()
H A Dnxt_runtime.c1692 nxt_thread_log_alert("process %PI remove failed", pid); in nxt_runtime_process_remove()
H A Dnxt_conf.c2198 nxt_thread_log_alert("strtod(\"%s\", %s) failed %E", value->u.number, in nxt_conf_json_parse_number()
H A Dnxt_router.c2585 nxt_thread_log_alert("router app hash adding failed: " in nxt_router_apps_hash_add()
H A Dnxt_lvlhsh_test.c58 nxt_thread_log_alert("lvlhsh test failed: " in nxt_lvlhsh_test_add()
85 nxt_thread_log_alert("lvlhsh test failed: " in nxt_lvlhsh_test_get()
108 nxt_thread_log_alert("lvlhsh test failed: " in nxt_lvlhsh_test_delete()