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H A Dnxt_port_queue.h51 int *notify) in nxt_port_queue_send() argument
58 *notify = 0; in nxt_port_queue_send()
71 *notify = (i == 0); in nxt_port_queue_send()
H A Dnxt_app_queue.h51 uint8_t size, uint32_t tracking, int *notify, uint32_t *cookie) in nxt_app_queue_send() argument
73 if (notify != NULL) { in nxt_app_queue_send()
74 *notify = n; in nxt_app_queue_send()
H A Dnxt_port_socket.c164 int notify; in nxt_port_socket_write2() local
203 res = nxt_port_queue_send(port->queue, &qmsg, qmsg_size, &notify); in nxt_port_socket_write2()
207 (int) qmsg_size, notify, res); in nxt_port_socket_write2()
220 if (notify == 0) { in nxt_port_socket_write2()
230 res = nxt_port_queue_send(port->queue, qmsg.buf, 1, &notify); in nxt_port_socket_write2()
234 notify, res); in nxt_port_socket_write2()
H A Dnxt_unit.c5906 int notify; in nxt_unit_port_send() local
5919 rc = nxt_port_queue_send(port_impl->queue, buf, buf_size, &notify); in nxt_unit_port_send()
5929 (int) buf_size, notify); in nxt_unit_port_send()
5931 if (notify) { in nxt_unit_port_send()
5961 rc = nxt_port_queue_send(port_impl->queue, &msg.type, 1, &notify); in nxt_unit_port_send()
5970 (int) port->id.pid, (int) port->id.id, notify); in nxt_unit_port_send()
H A Dnxt_router.c5247 int notify; in nxt_router_app_prepare_request() local
5311 req_rpc_data->stream, &notify, in nxt_router_app_prepare_request()
5314 if (notify != 0) { in nxt_router_app_prepare_request()
H A Dobservable.go23 func (o *observable) notify(e int) { func
H A Dresponse.go106 observer_registry_.notify(1)
H A Dcopyright.unit-jsc-common196 promptly notify the Commercial Contributor in writing of such claim, and b)
H A DCOPYRIGHT.unit-jsc-common196 promptly notify the Commercial Contributor in writing of such claim, and b)