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H A Dtest_ruby_hooks.py17 client.load('hooks', processes=processes, hooks='eval.rb')
27 client.load('hooks', processes=processes, hooks='on_worker_boot.rb')
37 client.load('hooks', processes=processes, hooks='on_worker_shutdown.rb')
56 hooks='on_thread_boot.rb',
72 hooks='on_thread_shutdown.rb',
92 hooks='multiple.rb',
H A Dnxt_application.h76 nxt_str_t hooks; member
H A Dnxt_main_process.c286 offsetof(nxt_common_app_conf_t, u.ruby.hooks),
H A Dnxt_ruby.c311 if (c->hooks.start != NULL) { in nxt_ruby_start()
312 path = rb_str_new((const char *) c->hooks.start, in nxt_ruby_start()
313 (long) c->hooks.length); in nxt_ruby_start()
H A DCHANGES244 *) Feature: process and thread lifecycle hooks in Ruby.
H A Dunit-openapi.yaml5760 hooks:
5762 description: "Pathname of the .rb file setting the event hooks