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H A Dnxt_conn_proxy.c437 first = c->write; in nxt_conn_proxy_write_add()
439 if (first == NULL) { in nxt_conn_proxy_write_add()
452 second = first->next; in nxt_conn_proxy_write_add()
457 first->next = b; in nxt_conn_proxy_write_add()
465 prev = first; in nxt_conn_proxy_write_add()
626 nxt_buf_t *first, *second; in nxt_conn_proxy_read_add() local
628 first = c->read; in nxt_conn_proxy_read_add()
630 if (first == NULL) { in nxt_conn_proxy_read_add()
644 second = first->next; in nxt_conn_proxy_read_add()
665 first->next = b; in nxt_conn_proxy_read_add()
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H A Dnxt_event_conn_job_sendfile.c100 nxt_bool_t first; in nxt_event_conn_job_sendfile_handler() local
109 first = c->socket.write_ready; in nxt_event_conn_job_sendfile_handler()
144 if (first && task->thread->thread_pool->work_queue.head != NULL) { in nxt_event_conn_job_sendfile_handler()
H A Dnxt_conf_validation.c2128 nxt_uint_t i, first, last; in nxt_conf_vldt_match_pattern() local
2145 first = (pattern.start[0] == '!'); in nxt_conf_vldt_match_pattern()
2147 if (first < pattern.length && pattern.start[first] == '~') { in nxt_conf_vldt_match_pattern()
2149 pattern.start += first + 1; in nxt_conf_vldt_match_pattern()
2150 pattern.length -= first + 1; in nxt_conf_vldt_match_pattern()
2174 for (i = first; i < last; i++) { in nxt_conf_vldt_match_pattern()
H A Dnxt_tests.c19 nxt_msec_less(nxt_msec_t first, nxt_msec_t second) in nxt_msec_less() argument
21 return (nxt_msec_diff(first, second) < 0); in nxt_msec_less()
H A Dnxt_rbtree_test.c177 const uint32_t *first, *second; in nxt_rbtree_test_sort_cmp() local
179 first = one; in nxt_rbtree_test_sort_cmp()
182 if (*first < *second) { in nxt_rbtree_test_sort_cmp()
186 if (*first == *second) { in nxt_rbtree_test_sort_cmp()
H A Dnxt_rbtree1_test.c208 const uint32_t *first, *second; in nxt_rbtree1_test_sort_cmp() local
210 first = one; in nxt_rbtree1_test_sort_cmp()
213 if (*first < *second) { in nxt_rbtree1_test_sort_cmp()
217 if (*first == *second) { in nxt_rbtree1_test_sort_cmp()
H A Dnxt_tests.h11 typedef nxt_bool_t (*nxt_msec_less_t)(nxt_msec_t first, nxt_msec_t second);
H A Dnxt_jni.h37 nxt_unit_buf_t *first; member
H A DSECURITY.txt14 Policy: https://www.first.org/cvss/v3.1/specification-document
H A DREADME.md84 To run it on Unit with the `unit-php` module installed, first set up an
85 application object. Let's store our first config snippet in a file called
197 v3.1](https://www.first.org/cvss/v3.1/specification-document) spec.
H A DCONTRIBUTING.md51 feature first.
60 issue first to start a discussion about the feature.
H A DCHANGES908 API were reset to previous values after the first request in
H A DWsRemoteEndpointImplBase.java409 boolean first; in writeMessagePart()
416 first = true; in writeMessagePart()
428 first = false; in writeMessagePart()
437 first = true; in writeMessagePart()
451 isMasked(), mp.getPayload(), mask, first); in writeMessagePart()
692 byte[] mask, boolean first) { in writeHeader() argument
703 if (first) { in writeHeader()
H A Dsetup-unit47 for first-time users.
96 an NGINX Unit server for first-time users.
247 The last form is less secure than the first two; have a look:
1018 the first is the package manager, the second is the OS name, the third
H A DREADME.md14 ### A script that simplifies installing and configuring an NGINX Unit server for first-time users
H A Dcopyright.unit-jsc-common513 1.5. "Initial Developer" means the individual or entity that first
586 effective on the date Initial Developer first distributes
623 effective on the date Contributor first distributes or
H A DCOPYRIGHT.unit-jsc-common513 1.5. "Initial Developer" means the individual or entity that first
586 effective on the date Initial Developer first distributes
623 effective on the date Contributor first distributes or