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H A Dnxt_python_asgi_http.c38 PyObject *dict);
40 PyObject *dict);
214 #define SET_ITEM(dict, key, value) \ in nxt_py_asgi_http_read_msg() argument
254 nxt_py_asgi_http_send(PyObject *self, PyObject *dict) in nxt_py_asgi_http_send() argument
266 type = PyDict_GetItem(dict, nxt_py_type_str); in nxt_py_asgi_http_send()
280 return nxt_py_asgi_http_response_body(http, dict); in nxt_py_asgi_http_send()
289 return nxt_py_asgi_http_response_start(http, dict); in nxt_py_asgi_http_send()
306 status = PyDict_GetItem(dict, nxt_py_status_str); in nxt_py_asgi_http_response_start()
316 headers = PyDict_GetItem(dict, nxt_py_headers_str); in nxt_py_asgi_http_response_start()
365 body = PyDict_GetItem(dict, nxt_py_body_str); in nxt_py_asgi_http_response_body()
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H A Dnxt_python_asgi_websocket.c51 PyObject *dict);
53 PyObject *dict);
55 PyObject *dict);
203 nxt_py_asgi_websocket_send(PyObject *self, PyObject *dict) in nxt_py_asgi_websocket_send() argument
216 type = PyDict_GetItem(dict, nxt_py_type_str); in nxt_py_asgi_websocket_send()
232 return nxt_py_asgi_websocket_accept(ws, dict); in nxt_py_asgi_websocket_send()
238 return nxt_py_asgi_websocket_close(ws, dict); in nxt_py_asgi_websocket_send()
293 headers = PyDict_GetItem(dict, nxt_py_headers_str); in nxt_py_asgi_websocket_accept()
379 code = PyDict_GetItem(dict, nxt_py_code_str); in nxt_py_asgi_websocket_close()
443 bytes = PyDict_GetItem(dict, nxt_py_bytes_str); in nxt_py_asgi_websocket_send_frame()
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H A Dnxt_python_asgi_lifespan.c38 static PyObject *nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_send(PyObject *self, PyObject *dict);
40 nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_t *lifespan, int v, PyObject *dict);
44 nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_t *lifespan, int v, PyObject *dict);
447 nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_send(PyObject *self, PyObject *dict) in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_send() argument
465 type = PyDict_GetItem(dict, nxt_py_type_str); in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_send()
487 msg = PyDict_GetItem(dict, nxt_py_message_str); in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_send()
500 msg = PyDict_GetItem(dict, nxt_py_message_str); in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_send()
H A Dnxt_python_asgi.c652 #define SET_ITEM(dict, key, value) \ in nxt_py_asgi_create_http_scope() argument
653 if (nxt_slow_path(PyDict_SetItem(dict, nxt_py_ ## key ## _str, value) \ in nxt_py_asgi_create_http_scope()
657 #dict "." #key "' item"); \ in nxt_py_asgi_create_http_scope()
H A Dstatus.py27 if isinstance(d1, dict) and isinstance(d2, dict):
H A Dhttp.py67 elif isinstance(body, dict):
299 if isinstance(value, dict):
326 if isinstance(value, dict):
H A Dcontrol.py19 if isinstance(conf, dict) or isinstance(conf, list):
H A Dcheck_prerequisites.py48 avail_feature, dict
H A Dtest_routing.py1117 hds = dict({"Host": "localhost", "Connection": "close"}, **hds)
1121 hds = dict({"Host": "localhost", "Connection": "close"}, **hds)