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H A Dhelp14 --prefix=DIR default: "/usr/local"
15 --exec-prefix=DIR default: "\$prefix"
16 --bindir=DIR default: "\$exec_prefix/bin"
17 --sbindir=DIR default: "\$exec_prefix/sbin"
18 --includedir=DIR default: "\$prefix/include"
19 --libdir=DIR default: "\$exec_prefix/lib"
21 --datarootdir=DIR default: "\$prefix/share"
22 --mandir=DIR default: "\$datarootdir/man"
24 --localstatedir=DIR default: "\$prefix/var"
28 --tmpdir=DIR default: "/tmp"
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H A Dtypes8 # "-Wall -Werror" or similar constraints in default CFLAGS may require
H A Dclang122 nxt_feature_test="int n __attribute__ ((visibility(\"default\")));
H A DMakefile9 default: target
28 .PHONY: default all copy publish clean
H A Dunit.init27 [ -r /etc/default/$NAME ] && . /etc/default/$NAME
H A Dunit.service9 EnvironmentFile=-/etc/default/unit
H A Dunit-debug.service9 EnvironmentFile=-/etc/default/unit
H A DMakefile9 default: target
44 .PHONY: default rpm deb docker npm clean
H A DMakefile98 … ./rustup-init -y --no-modify-path --profile minimal --default-toolchain \$$RUST_VERSION --default
107 default: target
172 .PHONY: default build dockerfiles clean library
H A DDockerfile.wasm62 …& ./rustup-init -y --no-modify-path --profile minimal --default-toolchain $RUST_VERSION --default-…
H A Dconftest.py32 default=False,
38 default=False,
44 default=False,
50 default=False,
62 default=0,
67 default=False,
H A Dwasm27 --runtime=RUNTIME set the WASM runtime to use (default: wasmtime)
28 --module=NAME set Unit WASM module name (default: wasm)
31 --rpath[=DIRECTORY] set the rpath (default: --lib-path)
H A Dperl22 --perl=FILE set perl executable, default: perl
H A Druby22 --ruby=FILE set ruby executable, default: ruby
H A Djava35 default: "$NXT_JAR_REPO"
37 default: "$NXT_JAR_LOCAL_REPO"
H A DREADME.md38 | `edit` | Opens **URI** in the default editor for interactive configuration. The [jq](https://sted…
85 | `docker://…` | Specify the local container ID/name. The default Unix control socket can be overri…
H A Dunit-openapi.yaml46 default: "localhost"
49 default: "8080"
5504 default: 1
5993 default: true
6085 default: 0
6090 default: 300
6103 default: false
6161 default: 30
6175 default: 30
6182 default: 180
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H A DMakefile147 default: target
291 .PHONY: default all modules specs rpmlint test test-debug clean
H A Dunit.spec.in207 default. Review your system permissions and Unit configuration so apps and
H A DCHANGES23 *) Bugfix: Node.JS unit-http NPM module now has appropriate default
63 *) Feature: default values for 'make install' pathnames such as prefix;
85 *) Bugfix: enabled UTF-8 for Python config by default to avoid
103 *) Change: prefer system crypto policy instead of hardcoding a default.
302 *) Change: PHP added to the default MIME type list.
409 *) Change: procfs is mounted by default for all languages when "rootfs"
416 from requests by default.
458 *) Change: AVIF and APNG image formats added to the default MIME type
783 found in default search paths; this allows to meet packaging
881 *) Bugfix: building on systems with non-default locale might be broken.
H A DREADME.md100 usually available by default via a Unix domain socket:
H A DMakefile173 default: target
351 .PHONY: default all modules test test-debug clean
H A Dconf106 # HFS+ volumes are caseless by default.
H A DLocalStrings.properties127 wsWebSocketContainer.defaultConfiguratorFail=Failed to create the default configurator