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H A DMakefile11 $(call download_git,$(LIBUNIT_WASM_URL),,$(LIBUNIT_WASM_GITHASH))
14 $(call check_githash,$(LIBUNIT_WASM_GITHASH))
H A DMakefile44 download_pkg = $(call download,$(CONTRIB_NGINX)/$(2)/$(lastword $(subst /, ,$(@)))) || \
45 ( $(call download,$(1)) && echo "Please upload $(lastword $(subst /, ,$(@))) to $(CONTRIB_NGINX)" )
90 CHECK_SHA512 = $(call checksum,$(SHA512SUM),SHA512,.sum-)
H A DMakefile9 $(call download_pkg,$(NJS_URL),njs)
H A DMakefile9 $(call download_pkg,$(WASI_SYSROOT_URL),wasi-sysroot)
H A Dwebsocket_router_request.js22 EventEmitter.call(this);
H A Dsocket.js13 EventEmitter.call(this);
H A Dutils.js51 this.buffer.push([ new Date(), Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments) ]);
H A Dhttp_server.js18 EventEmitter.call(this);
357 Readable.call(this);
413 EventEmitter.call(this);
H A Dwebsocket_router.js24 EventEmitter.call(this);
H A Dwebsocket_server.js25 EventEmitter.call(this);
H A Dwebsocket_request.js89 EventEmitter.call(this);
H A Dwebsocket_connection.js45 EventEmitter.call(this);
H A DLocalStrings.properties17 pojoEndpointBase.onCloseFail=Failed to call onClose method of POJO end point for POJO of type [{0}]
19 pojoEndpointBase.onErrorFail=Failed to call onError method of POJO end point for POJO of type [{0}]
20 pojoEndpointBase.onOpenFail=Failed to call onOpen method of POJO end point for POJO of type [{0}]
H A DMakefile19 $(call download_pkg,$(WASMTIME_URL),wasmtime)
H A Dtest_respawn.py34 subprocess.call(['kill', '-9', *pids])
H A Dnxt_python_asgi.c98 PyObject *call; in nxt_python_asgi_get_func() local
112 call = PyObject_GetAttrString(obj, "__call__"); in nxt_python_asgi_get_func()
114 if (call == NULL) { in nxt_python_asgi_get_func()
118 if (PyFunction_Check(call)) { in nxt_python_asgi_get_func()
119 return call; in nxt_python_asgi_get_func()
122 if (PyMethod_Check(call)) { in nxt_python_asgi_get_func()
123 obj = PyMethod_GET_FUNCTION(call); in nxt_python_asgi_get_func()
136 Py_DECREF(call); in nxt_python_asgi_get_func()
H A DLocalStrings.properties40 …y, this means the Servlet that created the WsHttpUpgradeHandler instance should also call preInit()
H A DCHANGES47 *) Bugfix: Perl applications crash on second responder call.