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H A Dindex.php3 $pid = getmypid(); variable
H A Dnxt_port_hash.c12 int32_t pid; member
123 nxt_port_hash_find(nxt_lvlhsh_t *port_hash, nxt_pid_t pid, in nxt_port_hash_find()
H A Dnxt_clone.c71 pid_t pid, u_char *mapinfo) in nxt_clone_credential_map_write()
120 nxt_clone_credential_map_set(nxt_task_t *task, const char* mapfile, pid_t pid, in nxt_clone_credential_map_set()
190 nxt_clone_credential_map(nxt_task_t *task, pid_t pid, in nxt_clone_credential_map()
H A Dnxt_process.c184 nxt_pid_t pid; in nxt_process_start() local
398 nxt_pid_t pid; in nxt_process_recv_pid() local
425 nxt_process_send_pid(const nxt_fd_t *pid_pipe, nxt_pid_t pid) in nxt_process_send_pid()
446 nxt_pid_t pid; in nxt_process_unshare() local
544 nxt_pid_t pid; in nxt_process_create() local
814 nxt_pid_t pid, isolated_pid; in nxt_process_whoami_ok() local
1103 nxt_pid_t pid; in nxt_process_execute() local
1120 nxt_pid_t pid; in nxt_process_daemon() local
H A Dnxt_runtime.c218 u_char *nfd, *pid; in nxt_runtime_systemd_listen_sockets() local
1432 u_char pid[NXT_INT64_T_LEN + nxt_length("\n")]; in nxt_runtime_pid_file_create() local
1519 nxt_runtime_process_lhq_pid(nxt_lvlhsh_query_t *lhq, nxt_pid_t *pid) in nxt_runtime_process_lhq_pid()
1529 nxt_runtime_process_find(nxt_runtime_t *rt, nxt_pid_t pid) in nxt_runtime_process_find()
1554 nxt_runtime_process_get(nxt_runtime_t *rt, nxt_pid_t pid) in nxt_runtime_process_get()
1666 nxt_pid_t pid; in nxt_runtime_process_remove() local
1711 nxt_pid_t pid, nxt_port_id_t id, nxt_process_type_t type) in nxt_runtime_process_port_create()
1782 nxt_runtime_port_find(nxt_runtime_t *rt, nxt_pid_t pid, in nxt_runtime_port_find()
H A Dnxt_port.c49 nxt_port_new(nxt_task_t *task, nxt_port_id_t id, nxt_pid_t pid, in nxt_port_new()
457 nxt_pid_t pid; in nxt_port_remove_notify_others() local
504 nxt_pid_t pid; in nxt_port_remove_pid_handler() local
519 nxt_pid_t pid) in nxt_port_remove_pid()
H A Dnxt_application.c705 nxt_pid_t isolated_pid, pid; in nxt_proto_process_created_handler() local
768 nxt_pid_t pid; in nxt_proto_sigchld_handler() local
1192 nxt_proto_process_lhq_pid(nxt_lvlhsh_query_t *lhq, nxt_pid_t *pid) in nxt_proto_process_lhq_pid()
1232 nxt_proto_process_remove(nxt_task_t *task, nxt_pid_t pid) in nxt_proto_process_remove()
1267 nxt_proto_process_find(nxt_task_t *task, nxt_pid_t pid) in nxt_proto_process_find()
H A Dnxt_log_moderation.h16 nxt_pid_t pid; member
H A Dnxt_socket_msg.h172 nxt_socket_msg_oob_get(nxt_recv_oob_t *oob, nxt_fd_t *fd, nxt_pid_t *pid) in nxt_socket_msg_oob_get()
H A Dnxt_unit.c222 nxt_pid_t pid; member
375 pid_t pid; member
404 pid_t pid; member
418 int32_t pid; member
977 pid_t pid; in nxt_unit_process_msg() local
4170 pid_t pid, uint32_t id, nxt_port_mmap_header_t **hdr, in nxt_unit_check_rbuf_mmap()
4386 nxt_unit_send_shm_ack(nxt_unit_ctx_t *ctx, pid_t pid) in nxt_unit_send_shm_ack()
4448 nxt_unit_process_get(nxt_unit_ctx_t *ctx, pid_t pid) in nxt_unit_process_get()
5697 nxt_unit_remove_pid(nxt_unit_impl_t *lib, pid_t pid) in nxt_unit_remove_pid()
6584 pid_t pid; in nxt_unit_log() local
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H A Dnxt_port.h174 nxt_pid_t pid; /* not used on Linux and FreeBSD */ member
270 nxt_pid_t pid; member
291 nxt_pid_t pid; member
300 nxt_pid_t pid; member
H A Dnxt_work_queue.h71 int32_t pid; member
H A Dnxt_main_process.c683 nxt_pid_t pid, ppid; in nxt_main_process_whoami_handler() local
952 nxt_pid_t pid; in nxt_main_process_sigchld_handler() local
H A Dnxt_runtime.h65 const char *pid; member
H A Dnxt_process.h105 nxt_pid_t pid; member
H A Dnxt_unit.h69 pid_t pid; member
H A Dnxt_port_socket.c1029 uint32_t pid; member
H A Dnxt_mp.c114 nxt_pid_t pid; member
H A Dnxt_event_engine.h177 nxt_pid_t pid; member
H A Dnxt_controller.c488 nxt_pid_t pid; in nxt_controller_remove_pid_handler() local
H A Dport.go22 pid int member
H A Dnxt_cq_test.c127 nxt_pid_t pid; member
311 pid_t pid = fork(); in worker_create() local
H A Dconftest.py544 def _count_fds(pid): argument