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H A Dnxt_isolation.c615 nxt_array_t *mounts; in nxt_isolation_set_lang_mounts() local
722 nxt_array_t *mounts; in nxt_isolation_unmount_all() local
758 nxt_array_t *mounts; in nxt_isolation_prepare_rootfs() local
900 u_char **mounts; in nxt_isolation_make_private_mount() local
H A Dnxt_application.c37 nxt_array_t *mounts; member
216 nxt_array_t *modules, *mounts; in nxt_discovery_modules() local
342 nxt_array_t *mounts; in nxt_discovery_module() local
H A Dnxt_application.h40 nxt_array_t *mounts; /* of nxt_fs_mount_t */ member
149 const nxt_fs_mount_t *mounts; member
H A Dnxt_process.h85 nxt_array_t *mounts; /* of nxt_mount_t */ member
H A Dnxt_main_process.c1402 nxt_conf_value_t *conf, *root, *value, *mounts; in nxt_main_port_modules_handler() local