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13# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
14# limitations under the License.
16serverContainer.addNotAllowed=No further Endpoints may be registered once an attempt has been made to use one of the previously registered endpoints
17serverContainer.configuratorFail=Failed to create configurator of type [{0}] for POJO of type [{1}]
18serverContainer.duplicatePaths=Multiple Endpoints may not be deployed to the same path [{0}] : existing endpoint was [{1}] and new endpoint is [{2}]
19serverContainer.encoderFail=Unable to create encoder of type [{0}]
20serverContainer.endpointDeploy=Endpoint class [{0}] deploying to path [{1}] in ServletContext [{2}]
21serverContainer.missingAnnotation=Cannot deploy POJO class [{0}] as it is not annotated with @ServerEndpoint
22serverContainer.missingEndpoint=An Endpoint instance has been request for path [{0}] but no matching Endpoint class was found
23serverContainer.pojoDeploy=POJO class [{0}] deploying to path [{1}] in ServletContext [{2}]
24serverContainer.servletContextMismatch=Attempted to register a POJO annotated for WebSocket at path [{0}] in the ServletContext with context path [{1}] when the WebSocket ServerContainer is allocated to the ServletContext with context path [{2}]
25serverContainer.servletContextMissing=No ServletContext was specified
27upgradeUtil.incompatibleRsv=Extensions were specified that have incompatible RSV bit usage
29uriTemplate.duplicateParameter=The parameter [{0}] appears more than once in the path which is not permitted
30uriTemplate.emptySegment=The path [{0}] contains one or more empty segments which are is not permitted
31uriTemplate.invalidPath=The path [{0}] is not valid.
32uriTemplate.invalidSegment=The segment [{0}] is not valid in the provided path [{1}]
34wsFrameServer.bytesRead=Read [{0}] bytes into input buffer ready for processing
35wsFrameServer.illegalReadState=Unexpected read state [{0}]
36wsFrameServer.onDataAvailable=Method entry
38wsHttpUpgradeHandler.closeOnError=Closing WebSocket connection due to an error
39wsHttpUpgradeHandler.destroyFailed=Failed to close WebConnection while destroying the WebSocket HttpUpgradeHandler
40wsHttpUpgradeHandler.noPreInit=The preInit() method must be called to configure the WebSocket HttpUpgradeHandler before the container calls init(). Usually, this means the Servlet that created the WsHttpUpgradeHandler instance should also call preInit()
41wsHttpUpgradeHandler.serverStop=The server is stopping
43wsRemoteEndpointServer.closeFailed=Failed to close the ServletOutputStream connection cleanly