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H A Dnxt_router.c3115 ret = nxt_upstreams_joint_create(tmcf, &joint->upstreams); in nxt_router_engine_joints_create()
H A Dnxt_router.h50 nxt_upstreams_t *upstreams; member
219 nxt_upstream_t **upstreams; member
H A Dnxt_http_route.c1391 return nxt_upstream_find(rtcf->upstreams, &segments[1], action); in nxt_http_pass_find()
H A Dnxt_http.h388 nxt_int_t nxt_upstream_find(nxt_upstreams_t *upstreams, nxt_str_t *name,
H A Dnxt_upstream.c25 nxt_upstreams_t *upstreams; in nxt_upstreams_create() local
45 upstreams = nxt_mp_zalloc(mp, size); in nxt_upstreams_create()
50 upstreams->items = n; in nxt_upstreams_create()
68 tmcf->router_conf->upstreams = upstreams; in nxt_upstreams_create()
81 if (upstreams == NULL) { in nxt_upstream_find()
86 n = upstreams->items; in nxt_upstream_find()
107 nxt_upstreams_t *upstreams; in nxt_upstreams_joint_create() local
111 upstreams = router_conf->upstreams; in nxt_upstreams_joint_create()
113 if (upstreams == NULL) { in nxt_upstreams_joint_create()
118 n = upstreams->items; in nxt_upstreams_joint_create()
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H A DCHANGES119 empty "routes" or "upstreams" using a variable "pass" option.
309 *) Bugfix: "pass"-ing requests to upstreams from a route was broken; the