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H A DBackgroundProcessManager.java38 private static final BackgroundProcessManager instance; field in BackgroundProcessManager
42 instance = new BackgroundProcessManager();
47 return instance; in getInstance()
H A DLocalStrings.properties118 wsSession.instanceNew=Endpoint instance registration failed
119 wsSession.instanceDestroy=Endpoint instance unregistration failed
H A DUtil.java343 Decoder instance; in getDecoders() local
345 instance = decoderClazz.getConstructor().newInstance(); in getDecoders()
H A DWsRemoteEndpointImplBase.java650 Encoder instance; in setEncoders() local
652 instance = encoderClazz.getConstructor().newInstance(); in setEncoders()
653 instance.init(endpointConfig); in setEncoders()
660 Util.getEncoderType(encoderClazz), instance); in setEncoders()
H A DLocalStrings.properties21 pojoEndpointServer.getPojoInstanceFail=Failed to create instance of POJO of type [{0}]
H A DLocalStrings.properties22 serverContainer.missingEndpoint=An Endpoint instance has been request for path [{0}] but no matchin…
40 …. Usually, this means the Servlet that created the WsHttpUpgradeHandler instance should also call …
H A DWsServerContainer.java413 Encoder instance; in validateEncoders() local
H A Dunit.cpp217 napi_value target, ctor, instance, jsthis; in create() local
234 instance = napi.new_instance(ctor); in create()
235 napi.create_reference(instance); in create()
242 return instance; in create()