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H A DCHANGES25 *) Bugfix: some Perl applications failed to process the request body,
28 *) Bugfix: some Spring Boot applications failed to start, notably with
189 *) Bugfix: the PHP 5 module failed to build with thread safety enabled;
348 failed to start; the bug had appeared in 1.18.0.
389 *) Bugfix: "close() failed (9: Bad file descriptor)" alerts might have
529 *) Bugfix: reconfiguration failed if "listeners" or "applications"
532 *) Bugfix: applying a large configuration might have failed.
551 *) Bugfix: applying a large configuration might have failed.
601 *) Bugfix: install of Go module failed without prior building of Unit
636 *) Bugfix: PHP module build failed if PHP interpreter was built with
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H A Dpython149 raise Exception("failed to compute sys.path mount points")
H A DAsyncChannelWrapperSecure.java472 handler.failed(throwable, attachment); in fail()
H A DLocalStrings.properties33 backgroundProcessManager.processFailed=A background process failed
118 wsSession.instanceNew=Endpoint instance registration failed
119 wsSession.instanceDestroy=Endpoint instance unregistration failed
134 wsWebSocketContainer.httpRequestFailed=The HTTP request to initiate the WebSocket connection failed
H A DWsFrameClient.java167 public void failed(Throwable exc, Void attachment) { in failed() method in WsFrameClient.WsFrameClientCompletionHandler
H A Dnxt_jni_Context.c47 goto failed; in nxt_java_initContext()
54 goto failed; in nxt_java_initContext()
60 goto failed; in nxt_java_initContext()
83 goto failed; in nxt_java_initContext()
88 failed: in nxt_java_initContext()
H A Dnxt_jni_Request.c241 goto failed; in nxt_java_initRequest()
246 goto failed; in nxt_java_initRequest()
251 goto failed; in nxt_java_initRequest()
256 failed: in nxt_java_initRequest()
H A Dnxt_jni_Thread.c37 goto failed; in nxt_java_initThread()
45 goto failed; in nxt_java_initThread()
53 goto failed; in nxt_java_initThread()
58 failed: in nxt_java_initThread()
H A Dnxt_jni_URLClassLoader.c41 goto failed; in nxt_java_initURLClassLoader()
48 goto failed; in nxt_java_initURLClassLoader()
55 goto failed; in nxt_java_initURLClassLoader()
62 goto failed; in nxt_java_initURLClassLoader()
79 goto failed; in nxt_java_initURLClassLoader()
84 failed: in nxt_java_initURLClassLoader()
H A Dunit.cpp281 goto failed; in create_server()
286 failed: in create_server()
1098 goto failed; in websocket_send_frame()
1103 failed: in websocket_send_frame()
H A Dnxt_application.c608 goto failed; in nxt_proto_start_process_handler()
614 goto failed; in nxt_proto_start_process_handler()
628 goto failed; in nxt_proto_start_process_handler()
652 goto failed; in nxt_proto_start_process_handler()
659 failed: in nxt_proto_start_process_handler()
H A Dnxt_main_process.c414 goto failed; in nxt_main_start_process_handler()
422 goto failed; in nxt_main_start_process_handler()
439 goto failed; in nxt_main_start_process_handler()
457 goto failed; in nxt_main_start_process_handler()
470 goto failed; in nxt_main_start_process_handler()
485 goto failed; in nxt_main_start_process_handler()
493 goto failed; in nxt_main_start_process_handler()
504 goto failed; in nxt_main_start_process_handler()
529 failed: in nxt_main_start_process_handler()
H A Dnxt_router.c414 goto failed; in nxt_router_start_app_process_handler()
430 goto failed; in nxt_router_start_app_process_handler()
440 goto failed; in nxt_router_start_app_process_handler()
455 failed: in nxt_router_start_app_process_handler()
H A Dnxt_var.c36 nxt_uint_t failed; /* 1 bit */ member
583 if (nxt_slow_path(query->failed)) { in nxt_var_query()
660 query->failed = 1; in nxt_var_query()
674 query->failed ? query->error : query->ready, in nxt_var_query_resolve()
682 nxt_bool_t failed) in nxt_var_query_handle() argument
684 query->failed |= failed; in nxt_var_query_handle()
688 query->failed ? query->error : query->ready, in nxt_var_query_handle()
H A Dnxt_var.h67 nxt_bool_t failed);
H A Dconftest.py343 if hasattr(request.node, 'rep_call') and request.node.rep_call.failed: