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H A DCHANGES303 disable automatic mounting of eponymous filesystems.
H A Dunit.spec.in165 /usr/bin/systemctl --no-reload disable unit.service >/dev/null 2>&1 ||:
H A Dnxt_event_engine.h49 void (*disable)(nxt_event_engine_t *engine, member
355 (engine)->event.disable(engine, ev)
H A Dnxt_php_sapi.c96 nxt_str_t *value, char **ptr, nxt_php_disable_t disable);
814 char **ptr, nxt_php_disable_t disable) in nxt_php_disable() argument
843 if (disable(start, p - start) in nxt_php_disable()
845 if (disable(start, p - start TSRMLS_CC) in nxt_php_disable()
H A Dhelp37 --no-ipv6 disable IPv6 support
38 --no-unix-sockets disable Unix domain sockets support
39 --no-regex disable regular expression support