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H A Dconftest.py36 default=False,
42 default=False,
48 default=False,
54 default=False,
66 default=0,
71 default=False,
H A Dhelp10 --cc=FILE set C compiler filename, default: "$CC"
14 --prefix=DIRECTORY set prefix for relative pathnames, default: none
16 default: "$NXT_BINDIR"
18 default: "$NXT_SBINDIR"
23 --state=DIRECTORY set state directory name, default: "$NXT_STATE"
24 --tmp=DIRECTORY set tmp directory name, default: "$NXT_TMP"
26 --pid=FILE set pid filename, default: "$NXT_PID"
27 --log=FILE set log filename, default: "$NXT_LOG"
30 default: "$NXT_CONTROL"
33 default: "$NXT_USER"
[all …]
H A Dtypes8 # "-Wall -Werror" or similar constraints in default CFLAGS may require
H A Dclang122 nxt_feature_test="int n __attribute__ ((visibility(\"default\")));
H A Druby22 --ruby=FILE set ruby executable, default: ruby
H A Dperl22 --perl=FILE set perl executable, default: perl
H A Djava35 default: "$NXT_JAR_REPO"
37 default: "$NXT_JAR_LOCAL_REPO"
H A Dunit.spec.in184 default. Review your system permissions and Unit configuration so apps and
H A DMakefile110 default: target
251 .PHONY: default all modules specs rpmlint test test-debug clean
H A DMakefile117 default: target
294 .PHONY: default all modules test test-debug clean
H A DREADME.md95 usually available by default via a Unix domain socket:
H A DCHANGES166 *) Change: PHP added to the default MIME type list.
273 *) Change: procfs is mounted by default for all languages when "rootfs"
280 from requests by default.
322 *) Change: AVIF and APNG image formats added to the default MIME type
647 found in default search paths; this allows to meet packaging
745 *) Bugfix: building on systems with non-default locale might be broken.
H A DMakefile71 default: target
119 .PHONY: default build dockerfiles push tag export clean
H A Dunit-debug.service9 EnvironmentFile=-/etc/default/unit
H A Dunit.init27 [ -r /etc/default/$NAME ] && . /etc/default/$NAME
H A Dunit.service9 EnvironmentFile=-/etc/default/unit
H A DMakefile9 default: target
40 .PHONY: default rpm deb docker npm clean
H A DLocalStrings.properties127 wsWebSocketContainer.defaultConfiguratorFail=Failed to create the default configurator
H A DMakefile9 default: target
28 .PHONY: default all copy publish clean
H A Dconf106 # HFS+ volumes are caseless by default.