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H A DLocalStrings.properties125 wsWebSocketContainer.shutdown=The web application is stopping
127 wsWebSocketContainer.defaultConfiguratorFail=Failed to create the default configurator
128 wsWebSocketContainer.endpointCreateFail=Failed to create a local endpoint of type [{0}]
129 wsWebSocketContainer.maxBuffer=This implementation limits the maximum size of a buffer to Integer.M…
130 wsWebSocketContainer.missingAnnotation=Cannot use POJO class [{0}] as it is not annotated with @Cli…
131 wsWebSocketContainer.sessionCloseFail=Session with ID [{0}] did not close cleanly
133 wsWebSocketContainer.asynchronousSocketChannelFail=Unable to open a connection to the server
134 wsWebSocketContainer.httpRequestFailed=The HTTP request to initiate the WebSocket connection failed
139 wsWebSocketContainer.pathNoHost=No host was specified in URI
140 wsWebSocketContainer.pathWrongScheme=The scheme [{0}] is not supported. The supported schemes are w…
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H A DWsSession.java155 WsWebSocketContainer wsWebSocketContainer, in WsSession() argument
170 this.webSocketContainer = wsWebSocketContainer; in WsSession()
172 wsRemoteEndpoint.setSendTimeout(wsWebSocketContainer.getDefaultAsyncSendTimeout()); in WsSession()