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H A DWsSession.java82 private final WsRemoteEndpointImplBase wsRemoteEndpoint; field in WsSession
154 WsRemoteEndpointImplBase wsRemoteEndpoint, in WsSession() argument
162 this.wsRemoteEndpoint = wsRemoteEndpoint; in WsSession()
163 this.wsRemoteEndpoint.setSession(this); in WsSession()
164 this.wsRemoteEndpoint.setRequest(request); in WsSession()
193 this.wsRemoteEndpoint.setEncoders(endpointConfig); in WsSession()
499 wsRemoteEndpoint.setBatchingAllowed(false); in doClose()
532 wsRemoteEndpoint.setBatchingAllowed(false); in onClose()
545 wsRemoteEndpoint.close(); in onClose()
569 wsRemoteEndpoint.close(); in onClose()
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H A DLocalStrings.properties83 wsRemoteEndpoint.acquireTimeout=The current message was not fully sent within the specified timeout
84 wsRemoteEndpoint.closed=Message will not be sent because the WebSocket session has been closed
86 wsRemoteEndpoint.closedOutputStream=This method may not be called as the OutputStream has been clos…
87 wsRemoteEndpoint.closedWriter=This method may not be called as the Writer has been closed
88 wsRemoteEndpoint.changeType=When sending a fragmented message, all fragments must be of the same ty…
91 wsRemoteEndpoint.invalidEncoder=The specified encoder of type [{0}] could not be instantiated
92 wsRemoteEndpoint.noEncoder=No encoder specified for object of class [{0}]
93 wsRemoteEndpoint.nullData=Invalid null data argument
94 wsRemoteEndpoint.nullHandler=Invalid null handler argument
96 wsRemoteEndpoint.tooMuchData=Ping or pong may not send more than 125 bytes
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