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H A Dnxt_mp_test.c19 nxt_bool_t valid; in nxt_mp_test() local
36 valid = nxt_mp_test_sizes(cluster_size, page_alignment, page_size, in nxt_mp_test()
38 if (!valid) { in nxt_mp_test()
H A DMakefile36 xmllint --noout --valid changes.xml
47 xmllint --noout --valid changes.xml
58 xmllint --noout --valid changes.xml
H A DLocalStrings.properties31 uriTemplate.invalidPath=The path [{0}] is not valid.
32 uriTemplate.invalidSegment=The segment [{0}] is not valid in the provided path [{1}]
H A Dnxt_mp.c353 nxt_bool_t valid; in nxt_mp_test_sizes() local
357 valid = nxt_expect(1, (nxt_is_power_of_two(page_alignment) in nxt_mp_test_sizes()
360 if (!valid) { in nxt_mp_test_sizes()
366 valid = nxt_expect(1, (page_size >= 64 in nxt_mp_test_sizes()
373 if (!valid) { in nxt_mp_test_sizes()
H A Dtest192 # 1506-159 (E) Bit field type specified for XXX is not valid.
H A DLocalStrings.properties71 wsFrame.oneByteCloseCode=The client sent a close frame with a single byte payload which is not valid
80 wsHandshakeRequest.invalidUri=The string [{0}] cannot be used to construct a valid URI
H A DCHANGES276 *) Change: any characters valid according to RFC 7230 are now allowed in
299 discarding request header fields with irregular (but still valid)
H A Dcopyright.unit-jsc-common241 necessary to make such provision valid and enforceable.
H A DCOPYRIGHT.unit-jsc-common241 necessary to make such provision valid and enforceable.