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H A DAsyncChannelWrapperSecure.java279 SSLEngineResult r = sslEngine.unwrap(socketReadBuffer, dest); in run()
391 sslEngine.unwrap(socketReadBuffer, DUMMY); in run()
H A DLocalStrings.properties20 asyncChannelWrapperSecure.check.unwrap=Bytes were written to the output during a read
27 asyncChannelWrapperSecure.statusUnwrap=Unexpected Status of SSLEngineResult after an unwrap() opera…
H A Dnxt_napi.h346 return (nxt_unit_request_info_t *) unwrap(obj); in get_request_info()
703 unwrap(napi_value val) in unwrap() function
H A Dunit.cpp259 obj = (Unit *) napi.unwrap(jsthis); in create_server()