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H A Dnxt_thread_time.c67 tsc = thr->time.strings; in nxt_thread_time_free()
77 thr->time.strings = NULL; in nxt_thread_time_free()
407 tsc = &thr->time.strings[slot]; in nxt_thread_time_string_cache()
416 tsc = nxt_realloc(thr->time.strings, size); in nxt_thread_time_string_cache()
428 thr->time.strings = tsc; in nxt_thread_time_string_cache()
H A Dnxt_thread_time.h60 nxt_time_string_cache_t *strings; member
H A Dapp.go13 args := strings.Join(os.Args[1:], ",")
H A Dtest114 NXT_CFLAGS="$NXT_CFLAGS -Wwrite-strings"
151 NXT_CFLAGS="$NXT_CFLAGS -Wwrite-strings"
H A Dphp86 NXT_PHP_ADDITIONAL_FLAGS=-Wno-write-strings
H A DCHANGES49 *) Feature: support empty strings in the "location" option of the