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H A Dgo.py11 def prepare_env(script, name='app', static=False): argument
35 if static:
91 TestApplicationGo.prepare_env(script, name, static=static_build)
H A Dshmem23 static char name[] = \"/unit.configure\";
66 static char name[] = \"/tmp/unit.configure\";
123 static char name[] = \"/unit.configure\";
H A Dclang186 nxt_feature_test="static void f(void) __attribute__ ((__unused__));
188 static void f(void)
H A Dmake87 # Shared and static library.
H A Dphp20 --lib-static) NXT_PHP_LIB_STATIC=yes ;;
28 --lib-static enable linking with static libphp.a library
95 $echo $0: error: --lib-static option requires --lib-path option.
H A Druby85 __declspec(noreturn) static void f(void);
87 static void f(void) {
110 static const char *argv[3] = {
183 static const nxt_fs_mount_t nxt_ruby_mounts[] = {
H A Dperl80 static PerlInterpreter *my_perl;
H A Dpython139 print("static const nxt_fs_mount_t nxt_python_mounts[] = {")
H A Djava238 static const char *nxt_java_system_jars[] = {
283 static const char *nxt_java_unit_jars[] = {
328 static const nxt_fs_mount_t nxt_java_mounts[] = {
H A Dconf7 # object itself because an application linked with static libnxt library
15 # "ar -r" is enough to create a static library, ranlib is surplus.
H A DCHANGES44 static files.
171 *) Feature: the ability to limit static file serving by MIME types.
174 mount point traversal on a per-request basis when serving static
532 *) Feature: basic support for serving static files.
712 headers and static library.
882 *) Feature: "configure php --lib-static" option.
H A DREADME.md11 - a web server for static media assets,