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H A DREADME.md9 ## setup-unit
13 * `setup-unit repo-config` configures your package manager with the NGINX
15 * `setup-unit welcome` creates an initial configuration to serve a welcome
H A Dsetup-unit260 echo "This script will setup repositories for NGINX Unit"
H A Dnxt_application.h131 nxt_application_setup_t setup; member
H A Dnxt_application.c134 .setup = nxt_process_core_setup,
145 .setup = nxt_proto_setup,
154 .setup = nxt_app_setup,
543 if (nxt_app->setup != NULL) { in nxt_proto_setup()
544 ret = nxt_app->setup(task, process, app_conf); in nxt_proto_setup()
H A Dnxt_process.h144 nxt_process_setup_t setup; member
H A Dnxt_process.c466 ret = init->setup(task, process); in nxt_process_do_start()
H A Dnxt_controller.c157 .setup = nxt_process_core_setup,
H A Dnxt_router.c289 .setup = nxt_process_core_setup,
H A DREADME.md53 $ curl -sL 'https://unit.nginx.org/_downloads/setup-unit.sh' | sudo -E bash
64 $ curl -sL 'https://unit.nginx.org/_downloads/setup-unit.sh' | sudo -E bash
H A Dunit.module.spec.in58 %setup -qcTn %{name}-%{unit_version}
H A Dunit.spec.in74 %setup -q