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H A DCHANGES75 *) Bugfix: the router and app processes could crash when the requests
204 *) Bugfix: apps could stop processing new requests under high load; the
241 from requests by default.
309 *) Bugfix: "pass"-ing requests to upstreams from a route was broken; the
339 *) Bugfix: the router process could crash while passing requests to an
347 *) Bugfix: reconfiguration requests could hang if an application had
525 *) Feature: support for multipart requests body in Java module.
678 *) Bugfix: application processes might have stopped handling requests,
729 *) Bugfix: requests with body data might be handled incorrectly in PHP
862 *) Feature: the "limits.requests" application option.
H A DREADME.md122 Now Unit accepts requests at the specified IP and port, passing them to the
H A Dnxt_unit.c311 nxt_lvlhsh_t requests; member
705 ctx_impl->requests.slot = 0; in nxt_unit_ctx_init()
6504 res = nxt_lvlhsh_insert(&ctx_impl->requests, &lhq); in nxt_unit_request_hash_add()
6539 res = nxt_lvlhsh_delete(&ctx_impl->requests, &lhq); in nxt_unit_request_hash_find()
6542 res = nxt_lvlhsh_find(&ctx_impl->requests, &lhq); in nxt_unit_request_hash_find()