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H A Dsocket.js12 function Socket(options) { argument
15 options = options || {};
17 if (typeof options !== 'object') {
21 if ("fd" in options) {
48 Socket.prototype.connect = function connect(options, connectListener) { argument
H A Dhelp8 ./configure options:
11 --cc-opt=OPTIONS set additional C compiler options
12 --ld-opt=OPTIONS set additional linker options
50 run "./configure python --help" to see available options
53 run "./configure php --help" to see available options
56 run "./configure go --help" to see available options
59 run "./configure perl --help" to see available options
62 run "./configure ruby --help" to see available options
65 run "./configure nodejs --help" to see available options
68 run "./configure java --help" to see available options
H A Doptions114 $echo Run \"$0 --help\" to see available options.
H A Dtest_client_ip.py8 def client_ip(self, options): argument
12 "client_ip": options,
16 "client_ip": options,
22 "client_ip": options,
H A Dnxt_application.h62 nxt_conf_value_t *options; member
83 nxt_conf_value_t *options; member
H A Dnxt_java.c219 if (c->options != NULL) { in nxt_java_start()
220 jvm_args.nOptions += nxt_conf_array_elements_count(c->options); in nxt_java_start()
229 jvm_args.options = jvm_opt; in nxt_java_start()
249 if (c->options != NULL) { in nxt_java_start()
252 value = nxt_conf_get_array_element(c->options, i); in nxt_java_start()
H A Dnxt_php_sapi.c89 static void nxt_php_set_options(nxt_task_t *task, nxt_conf_value_t *options,
404 if (c->options != NULL) { in nxt_php_setup()
405 value = nxt_conf_get_object_member(c->options, &file_str, NULL); in nxt_php_setup()
424 if (c->options != NULL) { in nxt_php_setup()
425 value = nxt_conf_get_object_member(c->options, &admin_str, NULL); in nxt_php_setup()
428 value = nxt_conf_get_object_member(c->options, &user_str, NULL); in nxt_php_setup()
673 nxt_php_set_options(nxt_task_t *task, nxt_conf_value_t *options, int type) in nxt_php_set_options() argument
679 if (options != NULL) { in nxt_php_set_options()
683 value_obj = nxt_conf_next_object_member(options, &name, &next); in nxt_php_set_options()
1124 SG(options) |= SAPI_OPTION_NO_CHDIR;
H A Dnxt_main_process.c229 offsetof(nxt_common_app_conf_t, u.php.options),
288 offsetof(nxt_common_app_conf_t, u.java.options),
H A Dunit.service5 # For example, to change options given to the unitd binary at startup,
H A Dunit-debug.service5 # For example, to change options given to the unitd binary at startup,
H A Dconfigure67 . auto/options
H A DCHANGES302 *) Feature: the "procfs" and "tmpfs" automount isolation options to
410 matching options and in the "pass" option.
539 *) Feature: direct addressing of API configuration options containing
650 *) Bugfix: "disable_functions" and "disable_classes" PHP options set via
711 *) Feature: --libdir and --incdir ./configure options to install libunit
771 *) Bugfix: individual PHP configuration options specified via control
783 *) Feature: setting of individual PHP configuration options.