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H A DMessageHandler.java30 void onMessage(T messagePart, boolean last); in onMessage() method
40 void onMessage(T message); in onMessage() method
H A DWsSession.java856 pongMessageHandler.onMessage(pongMessage); in processFrame()
878 onMessage(buf, last); in processFrame()
895 onMessage(messageBufferText, false); in processFrame()
908 onMessage(messageBufferText, false); in processFrame()
920 onMessage(messageBufferText, last); in processFrame()
930 private void onMessage(CharBuffer buf, boolean last) throws IOException { in onMessage() method in WsSession
933 onMessage(buf.toString(), last); in onMessage()
961 public void onMessage(String text, boolean last) { in onMessage() method in WsSession
963 ((MessageHandler.Partial<String>) textMessageHandler).onMessage(text, last); in onMessage()
966 ((MessageHandler.Whole<String>) textMessageHandler).onMessage(text); in onMessage()
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H A DWsFrameBase.java355 mhPong.onMessage(new WsPongMessage(controlBufferBinary)); in processDataControl()
390 .onMessage(messageBufferText.toString(), last); in sendMessageText()
394 .onMessage(messageBufferText.toString()); in sendMessageText()
578 ((MessageHandler.Partial<ByteBuffer>) binaryMsgHandler).onMessage(msg, last); in sendMessageBinary()
581 ((MessageHandler.Whole<ByteBuffer>) binaryMsgHandler).onMessage(msg); in sendMessageBinary()
H A DLocalStrings.properties47 util.invalidMessageHandler=The message handler provided does not have an onMessage(Object) method
H A DPojoMethodMapping.java69 private final List<MessageHandlerInfo> onMessage = new ArrayList<>(); field in PojoMethodMapping
134 for (MessageHandlerInfo otherMessageHandler : onMessage) { in PojoMethodMapping()
147 onMessage.add(messageHandler); in PojoMethodMapping()
173 for (MessageHandlerInfo messageHandler : onMessage) { in PojoMethodMapping()
180 onMessage.remove(messageHandler); in PojoMethodMapping()
260 return !onMessage.isEmpty(); in hasMessageHandlers()
268 for (MessageHandlerInfo messageMethod : onMessage) { in getMessageHandlers()
H A DPojoMessageHandlerPartialBase.java51 public final void onMessage(T message, boolean last) { in onMessage() method in PojoMessageHandlerPartialBase
H A DPojoMessageHandlerWholeBase.java46 public final void onMessage(T message) { in onMessage() method in PojoMessageHandlerWholeBase