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H A Dnxt_python_asgi_lifespan.c212 nxt_unit_error(NULL, "Python failed to call the application"); in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_target_startup()
218 nxt_unit_error(NULL, "Application result type is not a coroutine"); in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_target_startup()
425 nxt_unit_error(NULL, in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_send()
474 nxt_unit_error(NULL, "Application startup failed"); in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_send_startup()
479 nxt_unit_error(NULL, "%.*s", (int) message_len, message_str); in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_send_startup()
H A Dnxt_unit.h387 #define nxt_unit_error(ctx, fmt, ARGS...) \ macro
H A Dnxt_perl_psgi.c1116 nxt_unit_error(NULL, "PSGI: Failed to execute result callback: \n%s", in nxt_perl_psgi_result_cb()