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H A Dnxt_unit_app_test.c67 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "main worker finished with %d code", err); in main()
74 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "join thread #%d", i); in main()
87 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "main worker done"); in main()
98 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "ready"); in ready_handler()
131 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "start worker"); in worker()
135 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "worker finished with %d code", rc); in worker()
H A Dnxt_unit_websocket_chat.c147 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "broadcast: %*.s", (int) size, buf); in ws_chat_broadcast()
H A Dnxt_unit.c984 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "read port closed"); in nxt_unit_process_msg()
1486 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "check_response_port: " in nxt_unit_request_check_response_port()
3572 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "oosm: waiting for ACK"); in nxt_unit_mmap_get()
3579 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "oosm: retry"); in nxt_unit_mmap_get()
3593 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "allocated_chunks %d", in nxt_unit_mmap_get()
4357 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "allocated_chunks %d", in nxt_unit_mmap_release()
5963 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "port{%d,%d} sendcb %d", in nxt_unit_port_send()
5970 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "port{%d,%d} sendmsg %d", in nxt_unit_port_send()
6086 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "port{%d,%d} recvmsg %d", in nxt_unit_ctx_port_recv()
6193 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "port{%d,%d} recvcb %d", in nxt_unit_port_recv()
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H A Dnxt_unit.h366 #define nxt_unit_debug(ctx, fmt, ARGS...) \ macro
374 #define nxt_unit_debug(ctx, fmt, ARGS...) macro
H A Dnxt_java.c630 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "thread #%d created", (int) (i + 1)); in nxt_java_ready_handler()
655 nxt_unit_debug(main_ctx, "worker thread start"); in nxt_java_thread_func()
681 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "worker thread end"); in nxt_java_thread_func()
749 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "thread #%d joined", (int) i); in nxt_java_join_threads()
H A Dnxt_jni_Context.c79 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "registered Context methods: %d", res); in nxt_java_initContext()
160 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "%.*s", msg_len, msg_str); in nxt_java_Context_trace()
H A Dnxt_jni_HeaderNamesEnumeration.c65 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "registered HeaderNamesEnumeration methods: %d", res); in nxt_java_initHeaderNamesEnumeration()
H A Dnxt_jni_HeadersEnumeration.c65 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "registered HeadersEnumeration methods: %d", res); in nxt_java_initHeadersEnumeration()
H A Dnxt_jni_InputStream.c78 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "registered InputStream methods: %d", res); in nxt_java_initInputStream()
H A Dnxt_jni_OutputStream.c69 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "registered OutputStream methods: %d", res); in nxt_java_initOutputStream()
H A Dnxt_jni_Request.c237 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "registered Request methods: %d", res); in nxt_java_initRequest()
H A Dnxt_jni_Response.c241 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "registered Response methods: %d", res); in nxt_java_initResponse()
H A Dnxt_python_asgi.c77 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "asgi_check: callable is %sa coroutine function with " in nxt_python_asgi_check()
144 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "asgi_init"); in nxt_python_asgi_init()
169 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "asgi: cannot find function for callable, " in nxt_python_asgi_init()
178 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "asgi: callable is not a coroutine function " in nxt_python_asgi_init()
387 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "asgi_remove_reader %d %p", port->in_fd, port); in nxt_py_asgi_remove_reader()
909 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "asgi_add_port %d %p %p", port->in_fd, ctx, port); in nxt_py_asgi_add_port()
922 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "asgi_add_reader %d %p %p", port->in_fd, ctx, port); in nxt_py_asgi_add_reader()
987 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "asgi_remove_port %d %p", port->in_fd, port); in nxt_py_asgi_remove_port()
999 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "asgi_quit %p", ctx); in nxt_py_asgi_quit()
1084 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "asgi_port_read(%p,%p): %d", ctx, port, rc); in nxt_py_asgi_port_read()
H A Dnxt_python.c530 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "thread #%d created", (int) (i + 1)); in nxt_python_ready_handler()
551 nxt_unit_debug(ti->ctx, "worker thread #%d start", in nxt_python_thread_func()
575 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "worker thread #%d end", in nxt_python_thread_func()
606 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "thread #%d joined", (int) (i + 1)); in nxt_python_join_threads()
H A Dnxt_python_asgi_lifespan.c370 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "asgi_lifespan_receive"); in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_receive()
433 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "asgi_lifespan_send type is '%.*s'", in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_send()
552 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "asgi_lifespan_done"); in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_done()
H A Dnxt_ruby.c1310 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "thread #%d created", (int) (i + 1)); in nxt_ruby_ready_handler()
1345 nxt_unit_debug(rctx->ctx, "worker thread start"); in nxt_ruby_thread_func()
1375 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "worker thread end"); in nxt_ruby_thread_func()
1456 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "thread #%d joined", (int) (i + 1)); in nxt_ruby_join_threads()
1459 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "thread #%d not started", (int) (i + 1)); in nxt_ruby_join_threads()
H A Dnxt_perl_psgi.c1285 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "thread #%d created", (int) (i + 1)); in nxt_perl_psgi_ready_handler()
1307 nxt_unit_debug(pctx->ctx, "worker thread start"); in nxt_perl_psgi_thread_func()
1322 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "worker thread end"); in nxt_perl_psgi_thread_func()
1397 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "thread #%d joined", (int) (i + 1)); in nxt_perl_psgi_join_threads()
H A Dunit.cpp155 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "Unit::Unit()"); in Unit()
163 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "Unit::~Unit()"); in ~Unit()
563 nxt_unit_debug(ctx, "quit: %s", e.str); in quit()