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H A Dnxt_python_asgi_lifespan.c85 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "Failed to allocate lifespan data"); in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_startup()
117 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_target_startup()
124 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "Python failed to create lifespan object"); in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_target_startup()
132 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "Python failed to get 'receive' method"); in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_target_startup()
138 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "Python failed to get 'send' method"); in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_target_startup()
144 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "Python failed to get '_done' method"); in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_target_startup()
151 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "Python failed to create Future object"); in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_target_startup()
226 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "Python failed to call the create_task"); in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_target_startup()
340 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "Python failed to create Future object"); in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_target_shutdown()
374 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "Python failed to create Future object"); in nxt_py_asgi_lifespan_receive()
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H A Dnxt_python_asgi.c153 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, in nxt_python_asgi_init()
211 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "Failed to allocate context data"); in nxt_python_asgi_ctx_data_alloc()
246 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, in nxt_python_asgi_ctx_data_alloc()
253 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, in nxt_python_asgi_ctx_data_alloc()
399 nxt_unit_alert(ctx, "Python failed to remove_reader"); in nxt_py_asgi_remove_reader()
928 nxt_unit_alert(ctx, "Python failed to create fd"); in nxt_py_asgi_add_reader()
938 nxt_unit_alert(ctx, "Python failed to create py_ctx"); in nxt_py_asgi_add_reader()
956 nxt_unit_alert(ctx, "Python failed to add_reader"); in nxt_py_asgi_add_reader()
1005 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "Python failed to create Long"); in nxt_py_asgi_quit()
1059 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, in nxt_py_asgi_port_read()
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H A Dnxt_python_wsgi.c219 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, in nxt_python_wsgi_ctx_data_alloc()
230 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, in nxt_python_wsgi_ctx_data_alloc()
237 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, in nxt_python_wsgi_ctx_data_alloc()
463 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, in nxt_python_create_environ()
471 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, in nxt_python_create_environ()
479 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, in nxt_python_create_environ()
489 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, in nxt_python_create_environ()
496 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, in nxt_python_create_environ()
509 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, in nxt_python_create_environ()
518 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, in nxt_python_create_environ()
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H A Dnxt_python.c467 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "thread attr init failed: %s (%d)", in nxt_python_init_threads()
475 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "thread attr set stack size failed: %s (%d)", in nxt_python_init_threads()
487 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "Failed to allocate thread info array"); in nxt_python_init_threads()
533 nxt_unit_alert(ctx, "thread #%d create failed: %s (%d)", in nxt_python_ready_handler()
609 nxt_unit_alert(ctx, "thread #%d join failed: %s (%d)", in nxt_python_join_threads()
H A Dnxt_python_asgi_http.c79 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, in nxt_py_asgi_http_init()
H A Dnxt_python_asgi_websocket.c105 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, in nxt_py_asgi_websocket_init()
H A Dnxt_unit.c498 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "failed to add router_port"); in nxt_unit_init()
526 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "failed to add read_port"); in nxt_unit_init()
552 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "failed to add shared_port"); in nxt_unit_init()
559 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "failed to send READY message"); in nxt_unit_init()
636 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "request_handler is NULL"); in nxt_unit_create()
2698 nxt_unit_alert(req->ctx, in nxt_unit_mmap_buf_send()
4164 nxt_unit_alert(ctx, "failed to allocate mmap"); in nxt_unit_check_rbuf_mmap()
4668 nxt_unit_alert(ctx, "poll(%d,%d) failed: %s (%d)", in nxt_unit_read_buf()
5103 nxt_unit_alert(ctx, "failed to allocate context"); in nxt_unit_ctx_alloc()
6319 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "close(%d) failed: %s (%d)", in nxt_unit_close()
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H A Dnxt_java.c633 nxt_unit_alert(ctx, "thread #%d create failed: %s (%d)", in nxt_java_ready_handler()
662 nxt_unit_alert(main_ctx, "failed to attach Java VM: %d", (int) rc); in nxt_java_thread_func()
700 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "thread attr init failed: %s (%d)", in nxt_java_init_threads()
708 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "thread attr set stack size failed: %s (%d)", in nxt_java_init_threads()
720 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "Failed to allocate thread id array"); in nxt_java_init_threads()
752 nxt_unit_alert(ctx, "thread #%d join failed: %s (%d)", in nxt_java_join_threads()
H A Dnxt_unit.h393 #define nxt_unit_alert(ctx, fmt, ARGS...) \ macro
H A Dnxt_php_sapi.c870 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "php_dirname: invalid file name " in nxt_php_dirname()
H A Dnxt_perl_psgi.c430 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "PSGI: Failed to allocate memory " in nxt_perl_psgi_module_create()
496 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, in nxt_perl_psgi_ctx_init()
512 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "PSGI: Failed to parse Perl Script"); in nxt_perl_psgi_ctx_init()
528 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "PSGI: Failed to run Perl"); in nxt_perl_psgi_ctx_init()
547 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "PSGI: Failed to init io.psgi.input"); in nxt_perl_psgi_ctx_init()
559 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "PSGI: Failed to init io.psgi.error"); in nxt_perl_psgi_ctx_init()
566 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "PSGI: Failed to parse script: %s\n%s", in nxt_perl_psgi_ctx_init()
1288 nxt_unit_alert(ctx, "thread #%d create failed: %s (%d)", in nxt_perl_psgi_ready_handler()
1342 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "thread attr init failed: %s (%d)", in nxt_perl_psgi_init_threads()
1350 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "thread attr set stack size failed: %s (%d)", in nxt_perl_psgi_init_threads()
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H A Dnxt_cgo_lib.c94 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "%.*s", (int) msg_len, (char *) msg); in nxt_cgo_alert()
H A Dnxt_ruby.c166 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "Ruby: failed to create const string '%.*s'", in nxt_ruby_init_strings()
631 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, in nxt_ruby_init_io()
644 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, in nxt_ruby_init_io()
1315 nxt_unit_alert(ctx, "thread #%d create failed", (int) (i + 1)); in nxt_ruby_ready_handler()
1409 nxt_unit_alert(NULL, "Failed to allocate run contexts array"); in nxt_ruby_init_threads()
H A Dnxt_unit_app_test.c77 nxt_unit_alert(ctx, "pthread_join(#%d) failed: %s (%d)", in main()