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H A Dnxt_log.h67 #define nxt_trace(task, ...) \ macro
71 if (nxt_slow_path(_log->level >= NXT_LOG_NOTICE || nxt_trace)) { \
163 NXT_EXPORT extern nxt_uint_t nxt_trace;
H A Dnxt_signal_handlers.c34 nxt_trace(task, "signal signo:%d (%s) recevied, ignored", in nxt_signal_handler()
H A Dnxt_log.c11 nxt_uint_t nxt_trace; variable
H A Dnxt_application.c742 nxt_trace(task, "signal signo:%d (%s) received, ignored", in nxt_proto_signal_handler()
750 nxt_trace(task, "signal signo:%d (%s) received", in nxt_proto_sigterm_handler()
821 nxt_trace(task, "app process %PI (isolated %PI) " in nxt_proto_sigchld_handler()
827 nxt_trace(task, "app process %PI exited with code %d", in nxt_proto_sigchld_handler()
H A Dnxt_main_process.c923 nxt_trace(task, "process %PI exited with code %d", in nxt_main_process_sigchld_handler()
999 nxt_trace(task, "signal signo:%d (%s) recevied, ignored", in nxt_main_process_signal_handler()