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H A Dnxt_list.h31 } nxt_list_t; typedef
53 nxt_list_elt(nxt_list_t *list, nxt_uint_t n) in nxt_list_elt()
95 NXT_EXPORT nxt_list_t *nxt_list_create(nxt_mp_t *mp, nxt_uint_t n, size_t size);
96 NXT_EXPORT void *nxt_list_add(nxt_list_t *list);
97 NXT_EXPORT void *nxt_list_zero_add(nxt_list_t *list);
99 NXT_EXPORT void *nxt_list_next(nxt_list_t *list, nxt_list_next_t *next);
107 nxt_list_nelts(nxt_list_t *list) in nxt_list_nelts()
H A Dnxt_list.c10 nxt_list_t *
13 nxt_list_t *list; in nxt_list_create()
15 list = nxt_mp_get(mp, sizeof(nxt_list_t) + n * size); in nxt_list_create()
31 nxt_list_add(nxt_list_t *list) in nxt_list_add()
64 nxt_list_zero_add(nxt_list_t *list) in nxt_list_zero_add()
79 nxt_list_next(nxt_list_t *list, nxt_list_next_t *next) in nxt_list_next()
H A Dnxt_http_parse.h50 nxt_list_t *fields;
126 nxt_int_t nxt_http_fields_process(nxt_list_t *fields, nxt_lvlhsh_t *hash,
H A Dnxt_upstream_source.h24 nxt_list_t *list;
H A Dnxt_http.h108 nxt_list_t *fields;
122 nxt_list_t *fields;
154 nxt_list_t *fields;
H A Dnxt_runtime.h46 nxt_list_t *log_files; /* of nxt_file_t */
H A Dnxt_http_parse.c1260 nxt_http_fields_process(nxt_list_t *fields, nxt_lvlhsh_t *hash, void *ctx) in nxt_http_fields_process()
H A Dnxt_runtime.c1185 nxt_list_t *log_files; in nxt_runtime_log_files_init()
H A Dnxt_conf.c1702 nxt_list_t *list; in nxt_conf_json_parse_array()
H A Dnxt_router.c5072 nxt_fields_first(nxt_list_t *fields, nxt_fields_iter_t *i) in nxt_fields_first()