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H A Dnxt_array.h18 } nxt_array_t; typedef
22 nxt_array_init(nxt_array_t *array, nxt_mp_t *mp, size_t size) in nxt_array_init()
24 array->elts = nxt_pointer_to(array, sizeof(nxt_array_t)); in nxt_array_init()
29 NXT_EXPORT nxt_array_t *nxt_array_create(nxt_mp_t *mp, nxt_uint_t n,
31 NXT_EXPORT void nxt_array_destroy(nxt_array_t *array);
32 NXT_EXPORT void *nxt_array_add(nxt_array_t *array);
33 NXT_EXPORT void *nxt_array_zero_add(nxt_array_t *array);
34 NXT_EXPORT void nxt_array_remove(nxt_array_t *array, void *elt);
35 NXT_EXPORT nxt_array_t *nxt_array_copy(nxt_mp_t *mp, nxt_array_t *dst,
36 nxt_array_t *src);
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H A Dnxt_array.c10 nxt_array_t *
13 nxt_array_t *array; in nxt_array_create()
15 array = nxt_mp_alloc(mp, sizeof(nxt_array_t) + n * size); in nxt_array_create()
21 array->elts = nxt_pointer_to(array, sizeof(nxt_array_t)); in nxt_array_create()
32 nxt_array_destroy(nxt_array_t *array) in nxt_array_destroy()
34 if (array->elts != nxt_pointer_to(array, sizeof(nxt_array_t))) { in nxt_array_destroy()
43 nxt_array_add(nxt_array_t *array) in nxt_array_add()
85 nxt_array_zero_add(nxt_array_t *array) in nxt_array_zero_add()
100 nxt_array_remove(nxt_array_t *array, void *elt) in nxt_array_remove()
114 nxt_array_t *
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H A Dnxt_service.h22 NXT_EXPORT nxt_array_t *nxt_services_init(nxt_mp_t *mp);
23 NXT_EXPORT nxt_int_t nxt_service_add(nxt_array_t *services,
25 NXT_EXPORT const void *nxt_service_get(nxt_array_t *services, const char *type,
H A Dnxt_cert.h16 void nxt_cert_info_init(nxt_task_t *task, nxt_array_t *certs);
22 nxt_array_t *nxt_cert_store_load(nxt_task_t *task, nxt_mp_t *mem_pool);
23 void nxt_cert_store_release(nxt_array_t *certs);
H A Dnxt_service.c60 nxt_array_t *
64 nxt_array_t *services; in nxt_services_init()
93 nxt_service_add(nxt_array_t *services, const nxt_service_t *service) in nxt_service_add()
131 nxt_service_get(nxt_array_t *services, const char *type, const char *name) in nxt_service_get()
H A Dnxt_runtime.h18 nxt_array_t *inherited_sockets; /* of nxt_listen_socket_t */
19 nxt_array_t *listen_sockets; /* of nxt_listen_socket_t */
21 nxt_array_t *services; /* of nxt_service_t */
22 nxt_array_t *languages; /* of nxt_app_lang_module_t */
35 nxt_array_t *thread_pools; /* of nxt_thread_pool_t */
H A Dnxt_var.h51 nxt_var_field_t *nxt_var_field_get(nxt_array_t *fields, uint16_t index);
53 nxt_var_t *nxt_var_compile(nxt_str_t *str, nxt_mp_t *mp, nxt_array_t *fields,
55 nxt_int_t nxt_var_test(nxt_str_t *str, nxt_array_t *fields, u_char *error);
H A Dnxt_var.c55 static nxt_var_decl_t *nxt_var_decl_get(nxt_str_t *name, nxt_array_t *fields,
57 static nxt_var_field_t *nxt_var_field_add(nxt_array_t *fields, nxt_str_t *name,
118 nxt_var_decl_get(nxt_str_t *name, nxt_array_t *fields, uint32_t *index) in nxt_var_decl_get()
183 nxt_var_field_add(nxt_array_t *fields, nxt_str_t *name, uint32_t hash) in nxt_var_field_add()
212 nxt_var_field_get(nxt_array_t *fields, uint16_t index) in nxt_var_field_get()
333 nxt_var_compile(nxt_str_t *str, nxt_mp_t *mp, nxt_array_t *fields, in nxt_var_compile()
412 nxt_var_test(nxt_str_t *str, nxt_array_t *fields, u_char *error) in nxt_var_test()
575 nxt_array_t parts; in nxt_var_query()
587 nxt_memzero(&parts, sizeof(nxt_array_t)); in nxt_var_query()
H A Dnxt_http_request.c16 nxt_http_forward_t *forward, nxt_array_t *fields);
31 static nxt_http_name_value_t *nxt_http_argument(nxt_array_t *array,
34 static nxt_int_t nxt_http_cookie_parse(nxt_array_t *cookies, u_char *start,
342 nxt_array_t *client_ip_fields; in nxt_http_request_forward()
409 nxt_http_forward_t *forward, nxt_array_t *fields) in nxt_http_request_forward_client_ip()
850 nxt_array_t *
857 nxt_array_t *args; in nxt_http_arguments_parse()
956 nxt_http_argument(nxt_array_t *array, u_char *name, size_t name_length, in nxt_http_argument()
986 nxt_array_t *
990 nxt_array_t *cookies; in nxt_http_cookies_parse()
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H A Dnxt_router.h46 nxt_array_t *var_fields; /* of nxt_var_field_t */
86 nxt_array_t *engines;
H A Dnxt_process.h42 nxt_array_t *certs;
86 nxt_array_t *mounts; /* of nxt_mount_t */
H A Dnxt_http.h152 nxt_array_t *arguments; /* of nxt_http_name_value_t */
153 nxt_array_t *cookies; /* of nxt_http_name_value_t */
337 nxt_array_t *nxt_http_arguments_parse(nxt_http_request_t *r);
338 nxt_array_t *nxt_http_cookies_parse(nxt_http_request_t *r);
H A Dnxt_application.h39 nxt_array_t *mounts; /* of nxt_fs_mount_t */
H A Dnxt_http_route.c66 nxt_array_t *pattern_slices;
218 nxt_http_route_rule_t *rule, nxt_array_t *array);
226 nxt_http_route_rule_t *rule, nxt_array_t *array);
933 nxt_array_t *slices; in nxt_http_route_pattern_create()
1163 nxt_http_route_pattern_slice(nxt_array_t *slices, in nxt_http_route_pattern_slice()
1913 nxt_array_t *arguments; in nxt_http_route_arguments()
1926 nxt_http_route_rule_t *rule, nxt_array_t *array) in nxt_http_route_test_argument()
1976 nxt_array_t *arguments; in nxt_http_route_query()
1991 nxt_array_t *cookies; in nxt_http_route_cookies()
2004 nxt_http_route_rule_t *rule, nxt_array_t *array) in nxt_http_route_test_cookie()
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H A Dnxt_isolation.c43 nxt_process_t *process, nxt_array_t *syspaths);
556 nxt_array_t *lang_mounts) in nxt_isolation_set_lang_mounts()
561 nxt_array_t *mounts; in nxt_isolation_set_lang_mounts()
668 nxt_array_t *mounts; in nxt_isolation_unmount_all()
704 nxt_array_t *mounts; in nxt_isolation_prepare_rootfs()
H A Dnxt_application.c37 nxt_array_t *mounts;
45 nxt_array_t *modules, const char *name);
216 nxt_array_t *modules, *mounts; in nxt_discovery_modules()
335 nxt_discovery_module(nxt_task_t *task, nxt_mp_t *mp, nxt_array_t *modules, in nxt_discovery_module()
342 nxt_array_t *mounts; in nxt_discovery_module()
H A Dnxt_conf.h75 nxt_array_t *var_fields; /* of nxt_var_field_t */
H A Dnxt_http_variables.c367 nxt_array_t *args; in nxt_http_var_arg()
445 nxt_array_t *cookies; in nxt_http_var_cookie()
H A Dnxt_cert.c345 nxt_cert_info_init(nxt_task_t *task, nxt_array_t *certs) in nxt_cert_info_init()
813 nxt_array_t *
822 nxt_array_t *certs; in nxt_cert_store_load()
933 nxt_cert_store_release(nxt_array_t *certs) in nxt_cert_store_release()
H A Dnxt_event_engine.c564 nxt_array_t *mem_cache; in nxt_event_engine_mem_alloc()
635 nxt_array_t *mem_cache; in nxt_event_engine_mem_free()
H A Dnxt_runtime.c51 nxt_array_t *listen_sockets; in nxt_runtime_create()
156 nxt_array_t *inherited_sockets; in nxt_runtime_inherited_listen_sockets()
220 nxt_array_t *inherited_sockets; in nxt_runtime_systemd_listen_sockets()
319 nxt_array_t *thread_pools; in nxt_runtime_thread_pools()
H A Dnxt_event_engine.h484 nxt_array_t *mem_cache;
H A Dnxt_main_process.c791 nxt_array_t *new_files; in nxt_main_process_sigusr1_handler()
H A Dnxt_controller.c279 nxt_array_t *certs; in nxt_controller_cert_cleanup()