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H A Dfeature43 # "Segmentation fault", or other shell messages.
H A DLocalStrings.properties51 # Note the wsFrame.* messages are used as close reasons in WebSocket control
75 …d text message was too big for the output buffer and the endpoint does not support partial messages
89 …ages may not be sent concurrently even when using the asynchronous send messages. The client must …
90 wsRemoteEndpoint.flushOnCloseFailed=Batched messages still enabled after session has been closed. U…
112 wsSession.flushFailOnClose=Failed to flush batched messages on session close
H A Dnxt_port_socket.c311 && nxt_queue_is_empty(&port->messages))) in nxt_port_msg_chk_insert()
319 nxt_queue_insert_tail(&port->messages, &msg->link); in nxt_port_msg_chk_insert()
480 nxt_queue_insert_tail(&port->messages, &msg->link); in nxt_port_write_handler()
576 lnk = nxt_queue_first(&port->messages); in nxt_port_msg_first()
578 if (lnk == nxt_queue_tail(&port->messages)) { in nxt_port_msg_first()
694 nxt_queue_insert_tail(&port->messages, &msg->link); in nxt_port_msg_insert_tail()
1359 nxt_queue_each(msg, &port->messages, nxt_port_send_msg_t, link) { in nxt_port_error_handler()
H A Dnxt_port.c38 nxt_assert(nxt_queue_is_empty(&port->messages)); in nxt_port_mp_cleanup()
72 nxt_queue_init(&port->messages); in nxt_port_new()
H A Dnxt_port.h235 nxt_queue_t messages; /* of nxt_port_send_msg_t */ member
H A DCONTRIBUTING.md89 - Don't rely on command-line commit messages with `-m`; use the editor instead
H A DCHANGES345 *) Bugfix: time in error log messages from PHP applications could lag.