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H A Dnxt_application.h100 nxt_conf_value_t *limits; member
H A Dnxt_main_process.c142 offsetof(nxt_common_app_conf_t, limits),
484 if (app_conf->limits != NULL) { in nxt_main_start_process_handler()
485 ret = nxt_conf_map_object(process->mem_pool, app_conf->limits, in nxt_main_start_process_handler()
H A Dtest_asgi_application.py150 self.load('mirror', limits={"shm": shm_limit})
H A Dtest_php_application.py784 self.load('opcache', limits={'requests': 1})
H A Dthreads249 nxt_feature_test="#include <limits.h>
H A DLocalStrings.properties129 wsWebSocketContainer.maxBuffer=This implementation limits the maximum size of a buffer to Integer.M…
H A DCHANGES898 *) Change: in the "limits.timeout" application option: application start
901 *) Feature: the "limits.requests" application option.