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H A Dhttp.py17 url = kwargs.get('url', '/')
20 headers = kwargs.get(
27 if 'addr' not in kwargs:
30 addr = kwargs['addr']
38 if 'sock' not in kwargs:
59 sock = kwargs['sock']
61 if 'raw' not in kwargs:
166 def get(self, **kwargs): argument
169 def head(self, **kwargs): argument
172 def post(self, **kwargs): argument
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H A Dphp.py11 def load(self, script, index='index.php', **kwargs): argument
14 if kwargs.get('isolation') and kwargs['isolation'].get('rootfs'):
15 rootfs = kwargs['isolation']['rootfs']
27 "processes": kwargs.pop('processes', {"spare": 0}),
39 if attr in kwargs:
40 app[attr] = kwargs.pop(attr)
47 **kwargs
H A Dpython.py13 def load(self, script, name=None, module=None, **kwargs): argument
25 if kwargs.get('isolation') and kwargs['isolation'].get('rootfs'):
26 rootfs = kwargs['isolation']['rootfs']
38 "processes": kwargs.pop('processes', {"spare": 0}),
54 if attr in kwargs:
55 app[attr] = kwargs.pop(attr)
64 **kwargs
H A Druby.py19 def load(self, script, name='config.ru', **kwargs): argument
34 if key in kwargs:
35 app[key] = kwargs[key]
42 **kwargs
H A Dgo.py80 def load(self, script, name='app', **kwargs): argument
86 if 'isolation' in kwargs and 'rootfs' in kwargs['isolation']:
105 self._load_conf(conf, **kwargs)
H A Dperl.py8 def load(self, script, name='psgi.pl', **kwargs): argument
23 **kwargs
H A Dnode.py27 def load(self, script, name='app.js', **kwargs): argument
58 **kwargs
H A Djava.py93 def load(self, script, **kwargs): argument
112 **kwargs
H A Dtls.py49 def get_ssl(self, **kwargs): argument
50 return self.get(wrapper=self.context.wrap_socket, **kwargs)
52 def post_ssl(self, **kwargs): argument
53 return self.post(wrapper=self.context.wrap_socket, **kwargs)
H A Dwebsockets.py187 def frame_write(self, sock, *args, **kwargs): argument
188 chopsize = kwargs.pop('chopsize') if 'chopsize' in kwargs else None
190 frame = self.frame_to_send(*args, **kwargs)
209 def message(self, sock, type, message, fragmention_size=None, **kwargs): argument
216 self.frame_write(sock, type, message, **kwargs)
224 self.frame_write(sock, op_code, message[pos:end], fin=fin, **kwargs)
H A Dproto.py46 def _load_conf(self, conf, **kwargs): argument
58 if key in kwargs:
59 app_conf[key] = kwargs[key]
H A Dtest_forwarded_header.py37 def get_addr(self, *args, **kwargs): argument
38 return self.get_fwd(*args, **kwargs)['Remote-Addr']
40 def get_scheme(self, *args, **kwargs): argument
41 return self.get_fwd(*args, **kwargs)['Url-Scheme']
H A Dtest_proxy.py56 def get_http10(self, *args, **kwargs): argument
57 return self.get(*args, http_10=True, **kwargs)
59 def post_http10(self, *args, **kwargs): argument
60 return self.post(*args, http_10=True, **kwargs)
H A Dtest_proxy_chunked.py84 def get_http10(self, *args, **kwargs): argument
85 return self.get(*args, http_10=True, **kwargs)
H A Dconftest.py121 def inner_function(*args, **kwargs): argument
123 func(*args, **kwargs)
125 _print_log(kwargs.get('log', None))