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H A Dnxt_errno.c41 nxt_uint_t err, invalid; in nxt_strerror_start() local
51 for (invalid = 0; invalid < 100 && nxt_sys_nerr < 65536; nxt_sys_nerr++) { in nxt_strerror_start()
72 invalid++; in nxt_strerror_start()
83 invalid++; in nxt_strerror_start()
92 invalid++; in nxt_strerror_start()
99 nxt_sys_nerr -= invalid; in nxt_strerror_start()
H A Dnxt_utf8_test.c15 static u_char invalid[] = { variable
119 for (i = 0; i < sizeof(invalid); i += 5) { in nxt_utf8_test()
121 len = invalid[i]; in nxt_utf8_test()
122 utf8[0] = invalid[i + 1]; in nxt_utf8_test()
123 utf8[1] = invalid[i + 2]; in nxt_utf8_test()
124 utf8[2] = invalid[i + 3]; in nxt_utf8_test()
125 utf8[3] = invalid[i + 4]; in nxt_utf8_test()
H A Dconf38 echo $0: error: invalid module \"$nxt_module\".
H A Dgo33 echo $0: error: invalid Go option \"$nxt_option\"
H A Dperl31 echo $0: error: invalid Perl option \"$nxt_option\"
H A Dpython35 echo $0: error: invalid Python option \"$nxt_option\"
H A Dnodejs34 echo $0: error: invalid Node option \"$nxt_option\"
H A Dphp36 echo $0: error: invalid PHP option \"$nxt_option\"
H A Druby31 echo $0: error: invalid Ruby option \"$nxt_option\"
H A Djava47 echo $0: error: invalid Java option \"$nxt_option\"
H A DLocalStrings.properties41 perMessageDeflate.invalidWindowSize=An invalid windows of [{1}] size was specified for [{0}]. Valid…
65 …t frame was received that could not be decoded to UTF-8 because it contained invalid byte sequences
66 …=A WebSocket close frame was received with a close reason that contained invalid UTF-8 byte sequen…
97 wsRemoteEndpoint.wrongState=The remote endpoint was in state [{0}] which is an invalid state for ca…
H A Doptions113 $echo $0: error: invalid option \"$nxt_option\".
H A DCHANGES249 *) Bugfix: invalid HTTP responses were generated for some unusual status
H A Dcopyright.unit-jsc-common237 If any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable under
H A DCOPYRIGHT.unit-jsc-common237 If any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable under