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H A Dtest_forwarded_header.py7 def forwarded_header(self, forwarded): argument
11 "forwarded": forwarded,
15 "forwarded": forwarded,
H A Dnxt_router.h202 nxt_http_forward_t *forwarded; member
H A Dnxt_http_request.c318 if (skcf->forwarded != NULL) { in nxt_http_request_start()
319 ret = nxt_http_request_forward(task, r, skcf->forwarded); in nxt_http_request_start()
H A Dnxt_router.c1957 skcf->forwarded = nxt_router_conf_forward(task, mp, conf); in nxt_router_conf_create()
1958 if (nxt_slow_path(skcf->forwarded == NULL)) { in nxt_router_conf_create()
H A DCHANGES15 *) Feature: forwarded header to replace client address and protocol.