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H A DLocalStrings.properties22 pojoMethodMapping.decodePathParamFail=Failed to decode path parameter value [{0}] to expected type …
H A DCONTRIBUTING.md43 the expected behavior that doesn't occur.
H A Dnxt_conf_validation.c1265 nxt_str_t expected; in nxt_conf_vldt_type() local
1320 expected.length = p - buf; in nxt_conf_vldt_type()
1321 expected.start = buf; in nxt_conf_vldt_type()
1326 &expected, &type_name[value_type]); in nxt_conf_vldt_type()
1331 name, &expected, &type_name[value_type]); in nxt_conf_vldt_type()
H A DLocalStrings.properties69 wsFrame.noContinuation=A new message was started when a continuation frame was expected