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H A Dtest_tls.py119 self.certificate()
128 self.certificate()
141 self.certificate()
150 self.certificate()
161 self.certificate()
173 self.certificate()
179 self.certificate()
199 self.certificate()
215 self.certificate()
267 self.certificate()
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H A Dtest_routing_tls.py8 self.certificate()
H A Dtest_status_tls.py9 self.certificate()
H A Dtest_tls_conf_command.py12 self.certificate()
H A Dtest_reconfigure_tls.py17 self.certificate()
H A Dtest_tls_session.py23 self.certificate()
H A Dtest_tls_sni.py67 self.certificate('root', False)
H A Dtest_tls_tickets.py26 self.certificate()
H A Dnxt_polarssl.c16 x509_cert certificate; member
61 n = x509parse_crtfile(&ctx->certificate, conf->certificate); in nxt_polarssl_server_init()
65 &conf->certificate); in nxt_polarssl_server_init()
79 ssl_set_own_cert(&ctx->ssl, &ctx->certificate, &ctx->key); in nxt_polarssl_server_init()
H A Dnxt_gnutls.c23 gnutls_certificate_credentials_t certificate; member
147 char *certificate, *key, *ca_certificate; in nxt_gnutls_server_init() local
168 ret = gnutls_certificate_allocate_credentials(&ctx->certificate); in nxt_gnutls_server_init()
175 certificate = conf->certificate; in nxt_gnutls_server_init()
178 ret = gnutls_certificate_set_x509_key_file(ctx->certificate, certificate, in nxt_gnutls_server_init()
183 certificate, key); in nxt_gnutls_server_init()
194 ret = gnutls_certificate_set_x509_trust_file(ctx->certificate, in nxt_gnutls_server_init()
215 gnutls_certificate_free_credentials(ctx->certificate); in nxt_gnutls_server_init()
305 ctx->certificate); in nxt_gnutls_conn_init()
H A Dnxt_cyassl.c109 char *certificate, *key; in nxt_cyassl_server_init() local
129 certificate = conf->certificate; in nxt_cyassl_server_init()
131 err = CyaSSL_CTX_use_certificate_file(ctx, certificate, SSL_FILETYPE_PEM); in nxt_cyassl_server_init()
135 certificate); in nxt_cyassl_server_init()
H A Dnxt_router.c1555 nxt_conf_value_t *certificate; in nxt_router_conf_create() local
1973 certificate = nxt_conf_get_path(listener, &certificate_path); in nxt_router_conf_create()
1975 if (certificate != NULL) { in nxt_router_conf_create()
2000 n = nxt_conf_array_elements_count_or_1(certificate); in nxt_router_conf_create()
2003 value = nxt_conf_get_array_element_or_itself(certificate, in nxt_router_conf_create()
H A Dtls.py15 def certificate(self, name='default', load=True): member in TestApplicationTLS
H A DCHANGES142 multiple certificate bundles in a listener if the client did not use
194 *) Feature: support for multiple certificate bundles on a listener via
215 some filesystems in Linux, and all uploaded certificate bundles were
219 information about a certificate with a non-DNS SAN entry.
222 certificate containing a SAN and no standard name attributes in