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H A Dtest_configuration.py290 apps = 999
301 for a in range(apps)
305 for a in range(apps)
H A Dnxt_router.h35 nxt_queue_t apps; /* of nxt_app_t */ member
75 nxt_queue_t apps; /* of nxt_app_t */ member
H A Dnxt_router.c371 nxt_queue_init(&router->apps); in nxt_router_start()
873 app = nxt_router_app_find(&nxt_router->apps, &app_name); in nxt_router_app_restart_handler()
1038 nxt_queue_init(&tmcf->apps); in nxt_router_temp_conf()
1118 nxt_queue_each(app, &tmcf->apps, nxt_app_t, link) { in nxt_router_conf_apply()
1257 nxt_queue_each(app, &tmcf->apps, nxt_app_t, link) { in nxt_router_conf_error()
1268 nxt_queue_add(&router->apps, &tmcf->previous); in nxt_router_conf_error()
1732 nxt_queue_insert_tail(&tmcf->apps, &app->link); in nxt_router_conf_create()
2018 nxt_queue_each(app, &tmcf->apps, nxt_app_t, link) { in nxt_router_conf_create()
3295 nxt_queue_each(app, &router->apps, nxt_app_t, link) { in nxt_router_apps_sort()
3301 nxt_queue_add(&router->apps, &tmcf->previous); in nxt_router_apps_sort()
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H A Dnxt_conf_validation.c2320 nxt_conf_value_t *apps, *app; in nxt_conf_vldt_app_name() local
2326 apps = nxt_conf_get_object_member(vldt->conf, &apps_str, NULL); in nxt_conf_vldt_app_name()
2328 if (nxt_slow_path(apps == NULL)) { in nxt_conf_vldt_app_name()
2332 app = nxt_conf_get_object_member(apps, &name, NULL); in nxt_conf_vldt_app_name()
H A DCHANGES76 limit was reached by asynchronous or multithreaded apps.
109 *) Bugfix: compatibility issues with some Python ASGI apps, notably
199 option of Python apps.
204 *) Bugfix: apps could stop processing new requests under high load; the
216 *) Bugfix: the router process could crash with multithreaded apps under
219 *) Bugfix: Ruby apps with multithreading configured could crash on start
244 Perl, and Ruby apps.
H A Dunit.spec.in193 default. Review your system permissions and Unit configuration so apps and