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H A Dconftest.py489 alerts = re.findall(r'.+\[alert\].+', log)
491 if alerts:
493 [print(alert) for alert in alerts]
498 alerts = [al for al in alerts if re.search(skip, al) is None]
500 assert not alerts, 'alert(s)'
720 def _skip(*alerts): argument
721 option.skip_alerts.extend(alerts)
H A DCHANGES428 *) Bugfix: "close() failed (9: Bad file descriptor)" alerts might have
694 *) Bugfix: "freed pointer is out of pool" alerts might have appeared in
719 unavailable" alerts in log; the bug had appeared in 1.4.
811 *) Bugfix: alerts "freed pointer points to non-freeble page" might have