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H A Dtest_unix_abstract.py50 address = {
55 (addr, port) = address[sock_type]
H A Dtest_client_ip.py30 address = {
35 (addr, port) = address[sock_type]
H A Dsocket.js45 Socket.prototype.address = function address() { method in Socket
H A Dhttp_server.js463 Server.prototype.address = function () { method in Server
466 address: "",
H A Dhelp29 --control=ADDRESS set address of control API socket
H A DCHANGES15 *) Feature: forwarded header to replace client address and protocol.
21 *) Feature: support for Unix sockets in address matching.
126 *) Feature: client IP address replacement from a specified HTTP header
155 configuration contained a full-form IPv6 in a listener address.
161 empty array of source or destination address patterns.
453 *) Bugfix: negative address matching in router might work improperly in
H A DWsWebSocketContainer.java235 sa = proxy.address(); in connectToServerRecursive()