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H A DWsServerContainer.java48 import nginx.unit.websocket.WsSession;
80 private final Map<String,Set<WsSession>> authenticatedSessions = new ConcurrentHashMap<>();
340 protected void registerSession(Endpoint endpoint, WsSession wsSession) { in registerSession()
357 protected void unregisterSession(Endpoint endpoint, WsSession wsSession) { in unregisterSession()
367 private void registerAuthenticatedSession(WsSession wsSession, in registerAuthenticatedSession()
369 Set<WsSession> wsSessions = authenticatedSessions.get(httpSessionId); in registerAuthenticatedSession()
372 new ConcurrentHashMap<WsSession,Boolean>()); in registerAuthenticatedSession()
380 private void unregisterAuthenticatedSession(WsSession wsSession, in unregisterAuthenticatedSession()
382 Set<WsSession> wsSessions = authenticatedSessions.get(httpSessionId); in unregisterAuthenticatedSession()
391 Set<WsSession> wsSessions = authenticatedSessions.remove(httpSessionId); in closeAuthenticatedSession()
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H A DWsHttpUpgradeHandler.java39 import nginx.unit.websocket.WsSession;
64 private WsSession wsSession;
115 wsSession = new WsSession(ep, wsRemoteEndpointServer, in init()
H A DPojoMessageHandlerWholeBase.java26 import nginx.unit.websocket.WsSession;
49 ((WsSession) session).getLocal().onError(session, in onMessage()
59 ((WsSession) session).getLocal().onError(session, de); in onMessage()
H A DPojoMessageHandlerPartialBase.java27 import nginx.unit.websocket.WsSession;
53 ((WsSession) session).getLocal().onError(session, in onMessage()
H A DFutureToSendHandler.java40 private final WsSession wsSession;
43 public FutureToSendHandler(WsSession wsSession) { in FutureToSendHandler()
H A DWsWebSocketContainer.java92 private final Map<Endpoint, Set<WsSession>> endpointSessionMap =
94 private final Map<WsSession,WsSession> sessions = new ConcurrentHashMap<>();
496 WsSession wsSession = new WsSession(endpoint, wsRemoteEndpointClient, in connectToServerRecursive()
581 protected void registerSession(Endpoint endpoint, WsSession wsSession) { in registerSession()
591 Set<WsSession> wsSessions = endpointSessionMap.get(endpoint); in registerSession()
602 protected void unregisterSession(Endpoint endpoint, WsSession wsSession) { in unregisterSession()
605 Set<WsSession> wsSessions = endpointSessionMap.get(endpoint); in unregisterSession()
623 Set<WsSession> sessions = endpointSessionMap.get(endpoint); in getOpenSessions()
1031 for (WsSession session : sessions.keySet()) { in destroy()
1078 for (WsSession wsSession : sessions.keySet()) { in backgroundProcess()
H A DWsFrameClient.java41 public WsFrameClient(ByteBuffer response, AsyncChannelWrapper channel, WsSession wsSession, in WsFrameClient()
H A DWsSession.java64 public class WsSession implements Session { class
72 private static final StringManager sm = StringManager.getManager(WsSession.class);
75 private final Log log = LogFactory.getLog(WsSession.class); // must not be static
153 public WsSession(Endpoint localEndpoint, in WsSession() method in WsSession
H A DWsFrameBase.java49 protected final WsSession wsSession;
92 public WsFrameBase(WsSession wsSession, Transformation transformation) { in WsFrameBase()
H A DWsRemoteEndpointImplBase.java86 private WsSession wsSession;
636 protected void setSession(WsSession wsSession) { in setSession()
H A DRequest.java69 import nginx.unit.websocket.WsSession;
121 private WsSession wsSession = null;
1279 public void setWsSession(WsSession s) in setWsSession()
H A DContext.java107 import nginx.unit.websocket.WsSession;
428 Class wsSession_class = WsSession.class; in loadApp()
429 trace("wsSession.test: " + WsSession.wsSession_test()); in loadApp()
H A Djava444 src/java/nginx/unit/websocket/WsSession.java \