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H A Dnxt_external.c142 nxt_debug(task, "update "NXT_UNIT_INIT_ENV"=%s", buf); in nxt_external_start()
144 rc = setenv(NXT_UNIT_INIT_ENV, (char *) buf, 1); in nxt_external_start()
146 nxt_alert(task, "setenv("NXT_UNIT_INIT_ENV", %s) failed %E", buf, in nxt_external_start()
H A Dnxt_unit.h36 #define NXT_UNIT_INIT_ENV "NXT_UNIT_INIT" macro
H A Dnxt_unit.c842 unit_init = getenv(NXT_UNIT_INIT_ENV); in nxt_unit_read_env()
845 NXT_UNIT_INIT_ENV); in nxt_unit_read_env()
853 NXT_UNIT_INIT_ENV, unit_init); in nxt_unit_read_env()
889 vars, strerror(errno), errno, NXT_UNIT_INIT_ENV); in nxt_unit_read_env()
896 "found %d of %d in %s", NXT_UNIT_INIT_ENV, rc, 16, vars); in nxt_unit_read_env()
901 nxt_unit_debug(NULL, "%s='%s'", NXT_UNIT_INIT_ENV, unit_init); in nxt_unit_read_env()