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H A Dnxt_socket.c222 level = NXT_LOG_ERR; in nxt_socket_connect()
231 level = NXT_LOG_ERR; in nxt_socket_connect()
271 level = NXT_LOG_ERR; in nxt_socket_shutdown()
306 level = NXT_LOG_ERR; in nxt_socket_close()
355 return NXT_LOG_ERR; in nxt_socket_error_level()
H A Dnxt_clone.c348 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "\"gidmap\" field has an entry for " in nxt_clone_vldt_credential_gidmap()
356 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "\"gidmap\" field has an entry with " in nxt_clone_vldt_credential_gidmap()
364 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_clone_vldt_credential_gidmap()
378 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "\"gidmap\" field has no entries " in nxt_clone_vldt_credential_gidmap()
431 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "\"gidmap\" field has no \"container\" " in nxt_clone_vldt_credential_gidmap()
438 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "\"gidmap\" field has missing " in nxt_clone_vldt_credential_gidmap()
H A Dnxt_pcre2.c145 nxt_thread_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_regex_match()
151 nxt_thread_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_regex_match()
H A Dnxt_sockaddr.c226 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "getsockname(%d) failed %E", s, nxt_errno); in nxt_getsockname()
614 nxt_thread_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_sockaddr_parse()
629 nxt_thread_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, "socket address cannot be empty"); in nxt_sockaddr_parse_optport()
676 nxt_thread_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_sockaddr_unix_parse()
713 nxt_thread_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_sockaddr_unix_parse()
755 nxt_thread_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, "invalid IPv6 address in \"%V\"", in nxt_sockaddr_inet6_parse()
763 nxt_thread_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, "invalid port in \"%V\"", addr); in nxt_sockaddr_inet6_parse()
776 nxt_thread_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, "invalid IPv6 address in \"%V\"", in nxt_sockaddr_inet6_parse()
788 nxt_thread_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, "IPv6 socket \"%V\" is not supported", in nxt_sockaddr_inet6_parse()
819 nxt_thread_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, "invalid address \"%V\"", addr); in nxt_sockaddr_inet_parse()
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H A Dnxt_credential.c291 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "The uid %d (user \"%s\") isn't " in nxt_credential_setuid()
319 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "The gid %d isn't valid in the " in nxt_credential_setgids()
338 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "The user \"%s\" (uid: %d) has " in nxt_credential_setgids()
H A Dnxt_http_source.c307 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_http_source_header_filter()
488 nxt_thread_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, "%d buffers %uDK each " in nxt_http_source_header_ready()
582 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_http_source_sync_buffer()
586 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR,"%ui buffers %uz each are not " in nxt_http_source_sync_buffer()
628 nxt_thread_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, msg, len, p); in nxt_http_source_message()
H A Dnxt_port_rpc.c158 nxt_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, task->log, "rpc: stream #%uD failed to add " in nxt_port_rpc_register_handler_ex()
243 nxt_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, task->log, "rpc: failed to add " in nxt_port_rpc_ex_set_peer()
300 nxt_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, task->log, "rpc: stream #%uD failed" in nxt_port_rpc_remove_from_peers()
446 nxt_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, task->log, in nxt_port_rpc_remove_peer()
H A Dnxt_pcre.c127 nxt_thread_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_regex_match()
H A Dnxt_fastcgi_source.c434 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_fastcgi_source_record_filter()
504 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_fastcgi_source_header_filter()
528 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "upstream closed prematurely connection"); in nxt_fastcgi_source_sync_buffer()
531 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "%ui buffers %uz each are not " in nxt_fastcgi_source_sync_buffer()
H A Dnxt_log.h12 #define NXT_LOG_ERR 1 macro
H A Dnxt_macosx_sendfile.c142 nxt_log(c->socket.task, NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_macosx_event_conn_io_sendfile()
H A Dnxt_freebsd_sendfile.c132 nxt_log(c->socket.task, NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_freebsd_event_conn_io_sendfile()
H A Dnxt_port_memory.c737 nxt_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, task->log, in nxt_port_mmap_write()
786 nxt_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, task->log, in nxt_port_mmap_read()
818 nxt_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, task->log, in nxt_port_mmap_get_method()
832 nxt_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, task->log, in nxt_port_mmap_get_method()
H A Dnxt_http_static.c447 level = NXT_LOG_ERR; in nxt_http_static_send_ready()
456 level = NXT_LOG_ERR; in nxt_http_static_send_ready()
484 if (level == NXT_LOG_ERR) { in nxt_http_static_send_ready()
591 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "\"%FN\" is not a regular file", in nxt_http_static_send_ready()
869 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "file \"%FN\" has changed " in nxt_http_static_buf_completion()
H A Dnxt_fastcgi_record_parse.c227 nxt_thread_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, "upstream sent %s: %d", msg, ch); in nxt_fastcgi_record_parse()
H A Dnxt_isolation.c335 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "\"uidmap\" is set but " in nxt_isolation_vldt_creds()
342 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "\"gidmap\" is set but " in nxt_isolation_vldt_creds()
452 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "rootfs requires an absolute path other " in nxt_isolation_set_rootfs()
539 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "The \"rootfs\" field requires privileges"); in nxt_isolation_set_mounts()
H A Dnxt_stream_source.c47 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_stream_source_connect()
H A Dnxt_controller.c757 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "too long request headers"); in nxt_controller_conn_read()
768 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, "parsing error"); in nxt_controller_conn_read()
1009 nxt_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, &r->conn->log, in nxt_controller_request_content_length()
1018 nxt_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, &r->conn->log, "Content-Length is invalid"); in nxt_controller_request_content_length()
H A Dnxt_openssl.c590 nxt_openssl_log_error(task, NXT_LOG_ERR,
597 nxt_openssl_log_error(task, NXT_LOG_ERR,
1725 return NXT_LOG_ERR;
H A Dnxt_php_sapi.c688 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_php_set_options()
849 nxt_log(task, NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_php_disable()
H A Dnxt_main_process.c1582 file.log_level = NXT_LOG_ERR; in nxt_main_port_access_log_handler()
H A Dnxt_clone_test.c413 nxt_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, &nxt_main_log, "unexpected log: %s", msg); in nxt_clone_test_log_handler()
418 nxt_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, &nxt_main_log, in nxt_clone_test_log_handler()
544 nxt_log_error(NXT_LOG_ERR, &nxt_main_log, in nxt_clone_test_map_assert()
H A Dnxt_ruby.c329 nxt_ruby_exception_log(NULL, NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_ruby_start()
379 nxt_ruby_exception_log(NULL, NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_ruby_start()
390 nxt_ruby_exception_log(NULL, NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_ruby_start()
400 nxt_ruby_exception_log(NULL, NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_ruby_start()
678 nxt_ruby_exception_log(req, NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_ruby_request_handler_gvl()
1355 nxt_ruby_exception_log(NULL, NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_ruby_thread_func()
1366 nxt_ruby_exception_log(NULL, NXT_LOG_ERR, in nxt_ruby_thread_func()